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21-06-05, 22:17
My name is Dale Johnson. I'm a Swede-Finn born in Washington State in 1931 and spent my first twenty years in Aberdeen, Washington. Unfortunately I don't speak or read Swedish.

My father, Martin Sigfrid Lillskrubb (Martin Johnson) was born in Kroneby in 1905 and died in Astoria, Oregon in 1963. His father was Johan Lillskrubb, born in 1834 and died in 1922. His mother, I believe, was born Johanna Anderson.

My mother is Elaine Irene Johnson, nee Elin Irene Lilljestrom, from Kristinestad. She was born in 1911 to Emil Joseph Lillestrom and Hilma Cecelia (Ahl) Lillestrom (nee Brann). The name was changed to Strom in the U.S. My grandmother's father was named Henrik Brann and her mother's name was Sophia.

Other than because of an interest in the geneology of both sides of the family I am posting because I would like to make connection with cousins in Finland. I know I have two, Helena Skrifvars and Brita Erlandson, because of a query in the Quarterly (Queries - Q12-2). I know they are from Kroneby and maybe still live there. I also think I have a cousin on my mother's side, Anna Klemets, living in Kristinestad.

Hasse Andtbacka
22-06-05, 09:28
Hello Dale,

my wife Helena grew up as neighbor to the Koberg sisters Helena & Brita, their fathers were teachers in the same school, Villa Skola in Karleby. Helena Skrifvars died in cancer some years ago, Brita lives in Åland.

Your aunt Marta was my stepfather's first cousin. She often mentioned that her father was born in the 19th century and her grandfather in the 18th century.

Please send your private e-mail address to: hasse.andtbacka*pp.kpnet.fi
I will provide you with an ahnentafel for Martin Sigfrid.

Hasse Andtbacka from Kronoby