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LoriAnn Pawlik
22-06-05, 17:15
Hello everyone,
Could anyone help with finding the record of emigration from Finland of this man? I tried with limited ability to find him in the Migration Institute. I need an expert!

This is what I know from the US arrival. His Father is unknown so I'm not sure what name he may have traveled under or even what name he used in Finland - because Hiski records for his area do not go this far.

Thank you very much for any help,
Lori Pawlik

Jakob Gretasson Dahlvik - son of Greta Lovisa Eriksdotter Finne

born 17 Mar. 1868
Finne, Kovjoki, Nykarleby, Vaasa, Finland
immigrated to New York, Ellis Island:
First Name: Jakob
Last Name: Dalvik
Ethnicity: Finland
Last Place of Residence: Finland
Date of Arrival: July 27, 1892
Age at Arrival: 24y Gender: M Marital Status:
Ship of Travel: City of Paris
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0338
He traveled with Anders Lukus. Both are headed to Colorado with one piece of luggage.

His wife emigrated 7 years later in 1899.

22-06-05, 23:34
18.9.1835 20.9.1835 Kofjoki Finne bdm: Erik Erss: Brita Maja Larsd:r 24 Greta Lovisa

There are many Greta girls and only one other Greta Lovisa but the one above has the farm Finne plus Kovjoki isn't that far away. Perhaps this is yours?

23-06-05, 11:21
Hi LoriAnn,
You may not be able to find the records online for Jakobs departure from Finland.
At The GSF site
click on Emigration
then click on Passenger Lists and then scroll down to
Links to web pages containing rough summaries of the contents of passenger lists:
Records for the Cunard Line & other unnamed companies don't start until 1896.

At GSF, Emigration, Passport Lists scroll down to the chart which
explains which records are held for different counties and which years are online. The Migration Institute may hold the records
but they may not be online.

I have found a site with some information and a picture of the ship City of Paris Jakob travelled on from England to America


William Dahlin
24-06-05, 05:45
1910 Census Michigan
Jacob Dahlvik
Born: abt 1868
Doyle Twp. Schoolcraft, Michigan
Wife: Hannah age 40 b. 1870
Niece Anna age 13 b. 1897

24-06-05, 14:21
Hi !
Here are some ancestors to Jakob Gretasson at her maternal side.Efterkommande till Marken Erik Andersson
Sida 1
24 Jun 2005
1. Marken Erik Andersson (f.1 Apr 1755-Nykarleby Marken;d.3 Feb 1838-Nykarleby Marken)
ma: Lassfolk Margaretha (f.21 Aug 1772-Esse Lassfolk;g.1 Mar 1804;d.30 Aug 1855-Nykarleby Marken)
2. Marken Maria Eriksdotter (f.13 Jan 1805-Nykarleby Markby Marken)
ma: 權ist Matts Jakobsson (f.10 Maj 1803-Laihia;g.20 Aug 1826)
3. 權ist Sanna Greta (f.12 Jan 1828-Nykarleby)
3. 權ist Jakob (f.7 Mar 1845-琌erpurmo 權ist;d.22 Mar 1852-琌erpurmo 權ist)
3. 權ist Johannes (f.16 Feb 1848-琌erpurmo 權ist)
2. Marken Erik Eriksson (f.12 Jul 1806-Nykarleby Markby Marken;d.19 Sep 1846-Nykarleby Kovjoki)
ma: Finne Brita Maja Larsdotter (f.16 Aug 1811-Nykarleby Kovjoki Finne;g.1833;d.30 Dec 1884-Nykarleby Markby)
3. Finne Maja Greta Eriksdotter (f.16 Dec 1831-Nykarleby Kovjoki;d.17 Mar 1832-Nykarleby Kovjoki)
3. Finne Sanna Brita (f.26 Nov 1832)
3. Finne Erik Eriksson (f.10 Maj 1834-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne;d.14 Jun 1867-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
ma: Lev鄟 Maja Greta (f.28 Aug 1833-Nykarleby Lk.Ytterjeppo Le;g.12 Maj 1854;d.10 Maj 1903-Nykarleby lkm Markb)
4. Finne Maria (f.4 Jan 1858-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne;d.28 Okt 1859-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
4. Finne Katarina (f.16 Feb 1859-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
ma: Gustav Nyman (f.4 Sep 1820-Peders顤e;g.31 Maj 1885;d.10 Okt 1906-Nykarleby)
4. Finne Elisabet (f.16 Sep 1860-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne;d.17 Sep 1862-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
4. Finne Jakob (f.11 Jun 1863-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne;d.28 Jul 1863-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
4. Finne Fredrika (f.8 Sep 1864-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
3. Finne Greta Lovisa Eriksdotter (f.18 Sep 1835-Nykarleby Kovjoki;d.30 Aug 1886-Nykarleby Markby)
ma: OK鵲T
4. Gretasdotter Amanda (f.20 Okt 1860)
4. Gretasdotter Erika (f.30 Jul 1863;d.26 Maj 1867)
4. Dahlvik Jakob Gretasson (f.17 Mar 1868-Nykarleby Kovjoki Finne;d.5 Dec 1954-Michigan Schoolcraft Manistique)
ma: Sundqvist Johanna Mattsdotter (f.16 Jul 1868-Munsala Vexala Rutas;d.4 Jan 1945-Michigan Schoolcraft Man)
5. Dahlvik Karl (f.1894)
5. Dahlvik Evert (f.1894)
3. Finne Johan Jakob Eriksson (f.1837-Nykarleby Kovjoki;d.1838-Nykarleby Kovjoki)
3. Finne Lars Johan Eriksson (f.14 Apr 1839-Nykarleby Kovjoki;d.14 Jul 1885-Nykarleby Markby)
ma: Karbin Maja Maja Lisasdotter Mattsdotter (f.30 Aug 1830-Nykarleby Kyrkoby;g.9 Jun 1859;d.23 Okt 1897-)
4. Finne Brita Sofia (f.5 Okt 1859-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.4 Jan 1933-Usa)
ma: Kauhaj酺vi-Finne-Nyman Simon Jonasson (f.18 Jul 1855-Purmo 琌erpurmo Kauhaj酺;g.29 Dec 1881;d.1918-)
5. Emil Johannes Nyman (f.22 Aug 1882-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.1928-Usa)
5. Nyman Karl Viktor Reinhold (f.3 Apr 1885-Helsingfors;d.1917-Paris)
5. Elis Valdemar Nyman (f.27 Jan 1887-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.18 Jul 1907-Usa)
5. Erik Joel Nyman (f.1 Jul 1890-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.17 Feb 1918-Usa)
4. Finne Johannes "Lill-jukk" (f.15 Aug 1861-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.24 Dec 1933-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
ma: Biggas-Str闣sholm-Finne Maria Emilia Andersdotter (f.19 Maj 1864-Nykarleby ;g.8 Apr 1883;d.18 Feb 1894-)
5. Finne Elis Johannes (f.26 Sep 1883-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.21 Okt 1953-Usa)
5. Finne Anders Joel (f.17 Sep 1885-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.26 Feb 1914-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
5. Finne-Nystrand Karl Emil (f.29 Jun 1887-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.8 Apr 1948-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
ma: Marken- Nyblom - Nystrand Johanna Jakobsdotter (f.2 Maj 1891-Nykarleb;g.28 Jan 1912;d.18 Dec 1971-)
6. Nystrand Sven Emil Alfred (f.17 Nov 1912-;d.Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.3 Nov 1996-Nykarleby)
6. Nystrand Gunnar Johannes (f.5 Aug 1915-){+Nykarleby Markby Finne)
6. Nystrand Erik Elis (f.24 Sep 1916-;d.Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.15 Okt 1965-Nykarleby)

Efterkommande till Marken Erik Andersson
Sida 2
24 Jun 2005
6. Nystrand Elna Maria (f.3 Maj 1918-){+Nykarleby Markby Finne)
ma: Broo Alfred Vilhelm (f.18 Aug 1916-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne;g.17 Maj 1945)
7. Broo Torsten Karl Vilhelm (f.9 Sep 1945-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
ma: OK鵲T
ma: Vik Gun-Marie Elisabeth (f.30 Sep 1948-Peders顤e Esse;g.16 Maj 1970)
8. Broo Patrik Karl Wilhelm (f.9 Okt 1970-Nykarleby)
8. Broo Ann-Kristin Elisabeth (f.7 Feb 1972-Nykarleby)
8. Broo Robert Karl Wilhelm (f.13 Apr 1981-Nykarleby)
7. Broo Kurt Anders (f.19 Maj 1947-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
7. Broo Anita Maria (f.14 Jan 1949-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
7. Broo Stig Bernhard (f.20 Okt 1950-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
7. Broo Helge Johannes (f.24 Jun 1952-Nykarleby Markby)
ma: L饘roth Majbritt Elvira (f.25 Aug 1954-Kronoby;g.3 Jan 1976)
8. Broo Jonny Johannes (f.18 Jun 1976-Nykarleby Markby)
8. Broo Jan Anders Vilhelm (f.8 Jul 1979-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
8. Broo Linda Marie (f.15 Mar 1987-Nykarleby lkm Markby Finne)
6. Nystrand Verner Albert (f.21 Jan 1926-){+Nykarleby Markby Finne)
ma: Nordstr闣 Edit Maria (f.7 Nov 1930-Nykarleby lkm Kovjoki;g.21 Okt 1950)
7. Nystrand Marianne Alice (f.21 Apr 1952-Nykarleby lkm Markby)
7. Nystrand Roland Johannes (f.30 Jun 1954-Nykarleby lkm Markby)
ma: Sj鐬olm Benita Anne Maria (f.29 Jun 1957-Nykarleby lkm Socklot;g.9 Okt 1976)
7. Nystrand Viola Helena (f.20 Apr 1958-Nykarleby lkm Markby)
ma: Enstr闣 Lars Krister (f.27 Dec 1956-Jeppo Lassila;g.11 Jun 1977)
8. Enstr闣 Lukas Edvard (f.27 Apr 1983-Nykarleby)
8. Enstr闣 Linnea Johanna (f.30 Jan 1985-Nykarleby)
8. Enstr闣 Linus Lars-Erik (f.26 Feb 1988-Nykarleby)
7. Nystrand Dagny Agneta (f.13 Jan 1959-Nykarleby lkm Markby)
ma: Renvall Birger Nils-Gustav (f.5 Jan 1952-Nykarleby Forsby;g.27 Jan 1984)
8. Renvall Dick Gustav (f.22 Maj 1984)
8. Renvall Carolina Agneta (f.17 Dec 1986-Nykarleby Forsby)
7. Nystrand Kjell Ingemar (f.15 Apr 1966-Nykarleby lkm Markby)
7. Nystrand S顤en Gillbert (f.20 Apr 1971-Nykarleby lkm Markby)
ma: Nyblom Johanna Jakobsdotter (f.2 Maj 1891-Nykarleby lkm Markby Mark;g.28 Jan 1912;d.18 Dec 1971-)
6. Nystrand Verner Albert (f.21 Jan 1926-){+Nykarleby Markby Finne) ** Skrivet p sida 2 **
6. Nystrand Sven Emil Alfred (f.17 Nov 1912-;d.Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.3 Nov 1996-) ** Skrivet p sida 1 **
6. Nystrand Erik Elis (f.24 Sep 1916-;d.Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.15 Okt 1965-) ** Skrivet p sida 1 **
6. Nystrand Gunnar Johannes (f.5 Aug 1915-){+Nykarleby Markby Finne) ** Skrivet p sida 1 **
6. Nystrand Elna Maria (f.3 Maj 1918-){+Nykarleby Markby Finne) ** Skrivet p sida 2 **
5. Finne Jenny Emilia (f.19 Sep 1889-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.18 Apr 1915-Nykarleby Forsby Renvaktar)
ma: Sorvist- Renvaktar- Renvall Elis Viktor Gustafsson (f.19 Jan 1885-Nykarle;g.11 Jul 1909;d.17 Mar 1931-)
6. Renvall Helmi Maria (f.31 Jan 1910-Nykarleby Forsby Renvaktar;d.30 Maj 1914-Nykarleby Forsby Renvakta)
6. Renvall Elise Emilia (f.31 Jan 1910-Nykarleby Forsby Renvaktar)
ma: Lahtinen Alfred Hjalmar (f.31 Mar 1899-Usa)
6. Renvall Runar Elis (f.23 Jul 1913-){+Nykarleby Forsby Renvaktar)
ma: 儼erman Aili Sofia (f.7 Feb 1924-Malax)

Efterkommande till Marken Erik Andersson
Sida 3
24 Jun 2005
ma: OK鵲T
5. Finne Signe Maria (f.21 Feb 1892-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
ma: Kauhaj酺vi-Backlund-Finne Amanda Johansdotter (f.9 Maj 1875-Purmo 琌erp;g.12 Maj 1895;d.14 Dec 1896-)
5. Finne Alina Johanna (f.16 Feb 1896-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
ma: B踄k Alfred
ma: Finne-Broo-Finne Anna Andersdotter (f.4 Aug 1873-Nykarleby Markby Finne;g.10 Apr 1898;d.16 Apr 1951-)
5. Finne Erik Sigurd (f.21 Dec 1898-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.23 Aug 1959-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
5. Finne Verner Vilhelm (f.26 Dec 1899-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.6 Jul 1923-Purmo)
5. Finne Lars Selim (f.3 Apr 1902-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
5. Finne Elmer Fingal (f.17 Feb 1905-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.4 Jul 1988-Sverige J霵k鞿ing)
5. Finne Runar Albert (f.17 Jun 1908-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.22 Feb 1925-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
4. Finne Karl (f.25 Aug 1864-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.14 Nov 1883-England London)
4. Finne Erik Joel (f.18 Sep 1866-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.4 Jun 1867-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
4. Finne Mattias (f.16 Maj 1868-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.17 Maj 1868-Nykarleby Markby Finne)
4. Finne Erik (f.16 Apr 1869-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.28 Jul 1931-Purmo)
ma: Harald-Gustafsson-Finne Emilia Andersdotter (f.19 Maj 1870-Nykarleby Forsby;g.21 Jan 1894;d.19 Okt 1950-)
5. Finne Elvira (f.11 Okt 1894-Purmo;d.8 Apr 1962-Sverige)
5. Finne Anna Rosa Emilia (f.10 Apr 1896-Purmo;d.5 Jan 1897-Purmo)
5. Finne Naemi Emilia (f.23 Mar 1898-Purmo)
5. Finne Lars Erik (f.11 Aug 1899-Purmo;d.13 Feb 1917-Purmo)
5. Finne Karl Elof (f.16 Jun 1901-Purmo;d.13 Jun 1964-Winnipeg Kanada)
5. Finne Fingal Eug幯 (f.1 Sep 1904-Purmo)
5. Finne Gunnar Erland (f.19 Jun 1907-Purmo)
5. Finne Ellinor Oktavia Margareta (f.2 Nov 1910-Purmo)
5. Finne Gunvor Ester Emilia (f.2 Okt 1913-Purmo;d.6 Jan 1920-Purmo)
4. Finne Maria Lovisa (f.22 Jan 1873-Nykarleby Markby Finne;d.30 Aug 1939-Usa)
ma: Wiklund Karl
3. Finne Kajsa Eriksdotter (f.5 Sep 1840-Nykarleby Kovjoki;d.26 Jul 1922-Purmo 權ist)
3. Finne Matts Eriksson (f.7 Jan 1844-Nykarleby Kovjoki;d.23 Aug 1910-Nykarleby Markby)
3. Finne Jakob Eriksson (f.21 Apr 1846-Nykarleby Kovjoki;d.10 Okt 1897-Peders顤e Kisor)
2. Marken Kajsa Greta (f.4 Dec 1810-Nykarleby Markby Marken;d.2 Nov 1812-Nykarleby Markby)
ma: Finne Anna Mattsdotter (f.21 Aug 1756-Finne;g.27 Maj 1775;d.30 Aug 1803-Marken)
2. Marken Matts Eriksson (f.11 Aug 1792-Marken;d.11 Maj 1869)
ma: Nybonde Maria Jakobsdotter (f.8 Mar 1795-Socklot Nybonde;g.8 Jul 1814;d.28 Jan 1862-Marken)
3. Marken Erik Mattsson (f.12 Mar 1818-Markby Marken;d.23 Maj 1896-Marken)
ma: Marken Anna Ulrika Hansdotter (f.14 Dec 1815-Markby L幩gholm;g.21 Dec 1841;d.11 Jun 1892-Markby Marken)
4. Marken el Finne Matts Eriksson (f.26 Dec 1848-Marken;d.29 Okt 1913-Markby Finne Rudbacka)
4. Marken Johan Eriksson (f.24 Mar 1850-Markby Marken;d.18 Feb 1931)
4. Marken-Nylund Hans Fredrik Eriksson (f.21 Maj 1851-Markby Marken;d.23 Jun 1930-Markby Rudbacka)
ma: Ryss-Marken Katarina Hansdotter (f.11 Jul 1855-Ytterjeppo "Rumble";d.18 Dec 1930-Markby Rudbacka)
5. Nylund Erik Joel Hansson (f.22 Sep 1878-Markby Marken;d.26 Feb 1945-Markby Rudbacka)
ma: 權ist Hilma Maria Gustavsdotter (f.11 Nov 1886-權ist;g.8 Mar 1908;d.8 Mar 1959-Markby Rudbacka)
6. Nylund Ellen Johanna (f.13 Dec 1909-Markby Rudbacka;d.22 Nov 2002-Purmo)
ma: Finnberg G.A
7. Finnberg B.S

Efterkommande till Marken Erik Andersson
Sida 4
24 Jun 2005
ma: Byskata C.A.E
8. Finnberg A.E.I
8. Finnberg A.E.E

LoriAnn Pawlik
24-06-05, 14:30
Just wanted to say thanks for the help. This is a big missing blank. I neglected to think that those passport/emigration records couldn't all be online - the internet has been such a tool! But, on the off chance that someone comes across that Finnish record, I'm keeping my eyes out.
Have a great day,
Lori :)

LoriAnn Pawlik
26-06-05, 23:28
Ok, Bert - your post and mine must have crossed - I did not see all that genealogy when I posted! I did have some of that info from Hiski, but WOW!! You filled in so many blanks. The letters that you've helped with were from Johanna - wife of 4. Jakob Gretasson Dahlvik.

4. Dahlvik Jakob Gretasson (f.17 Mar 1868-Nykarleby Kovjoki Finne;d.5 Dec 1954-Michigan Schoolcraft Manistique)
ma: Sundqvist Johanna Mattsdotter (f.16 Jul 1868-Munsala Vexala Rutas;d.4 Jan 1945-Michigan Schoolcraft Man)
5. Dahlvik Karl (f.1894)
5. Dahlvik Evert (f.1894)

One error - these two boys, Karl & Evert were twins and they were born in 1915 - Johanna was an older Mom. Evert still lives and is my Grandfather. His birthday is in 2 weeks.

Are you a member of that family? Are we related?? It would be exciting if they could send some birthday greetings!

Have a wonderful day!
Lori :D