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22-06-05, 23:52
Michael Mattsson Boholm-. Tuomisalo
F: 2 JUN 1840
P: å Forsnäs, Kronoby

I´ve just found this conection in Talko to my son.
Now I wonder if it´s possible to get the ancestors from someone in a gedcom-file. Course I saw a LONG line of ancestors and really want to take the easy way by a file and not needing to write everything again. :D

Is it usuall to do it like this or am I doing something wrong with asking? :confused:

June Pelo
23-06-05, 00:51

Is Roy Hägg related to you? Roy's farfarfar was Mickel Mattsson Boholm-Tuomisalo, b. 1840. Roy is my cousin and he lives in Märsta. Roy's father was Evald, son of Thure. If these are your relatives, I have the family data I can send to you. Send me your e-mail address.


23-06-05, 08:19
Dear June
Thure is brother to my sons FF F

1. Selma Michels.dr. Tuomisalo, b. 23 JAN 1865
2. Viktor Michelsson Tuomisalo, b. 13 MAR 1867, Såka
3. Vasilius Michelsson Tuomisalo-. Hägg, b. 2 APR 1875, Såka
4. Otto Julius Michaelsson Tuomisalo, b. 9 APR 1878, Såka
5. Ture Johannes Michelsson Tuomisalo, b. 1 JUN 1880, Såka
6. Eufemia Elisabet Tuomisalo, b. 16 SEP 1882, Såka
7. Knut Heribert Michelsson Tuomisalo, b. 12 APR 1887, Såka

I would be really glad if you could send me information. :D

Thanks in advance.