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Karen Norwillo
23-06-05, 20:11
I have been searching on-line for a good site to translate occupations from Swedish to English. I've found several, but they don't have the words in question. Same problem with some genealogy terms. What is forstteniker, lärarinna, bosatta, köpte. I know lärare is teacher. Thanks for any help. Karen

June Pelo
23-06-05, 20:46

I have a list that I submitted to the SFHS Quarterly a few years ago. Sorry it's on 5 pages, but they're alphabetical. I think the files are too long to attach here. I'll have to check with Hasse about it. I know he'll figure a way to post them.


23-06-05, 22:04
Forsttekniker is a person who has studied at a forestry college. I do not know if there is an accurate translation for the occupation, but a direct one would be forest technician.

Lärarinna is the somewhat arcaic feminin form for lärare, i.e. a female teacher, "teacheress". These feminine forms for some occupations were not unusual in Finland still a couple of decades ago. Some people use them still, though they are not considered quite "political correct" anymore.

Bosatta means that [they] where living on a permanent basis [somewhere specific].



23-06-05, 22:28





Karen Norwillo
24-06-05, 18:22
Thank you Hasse and June. I have a copy of the causes of death that June did and it comes in handy more times than I can count. Karen