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LoriAnn Pawlik
24-06-05, 14:37
A kind soul from Munsala sent me some of my Great-Grandmother's letters that she sent home. They are all in Swedish & I cannot read them but to make out a few words here & there. I have 4 of them. Would anyone be willing to help me translate - here or in private message? In exchange, I could help you do a search of some people you are looking for in the States. Her son is still alive & I would like to present them to him as a birthday present in 2 weeks.
Thank you very much,
Lori Pawlik :)

25-06-05, 14:08
Hello !
I can try to translate your letters if you like to give it a try!
Im not any expert at English but I think I could give you mostly what they write in there.My e-mail is bert.lindvall*pp.inet.fi