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24-06-05, 18:16
Good Evening

Surely, the names which was mentioned is Axel, Ernst, Helga, Hugo (brother to Ernst and Axel) Milla, Elvi, Hugo (26) Axel and Sylvia.

Addition to that there was Ernst Sarukka.

One of the men mentioned is the grandfather of Allan Gunnar.

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24-06-05, 20:01
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June Pelo
25-06-05, 02:35

Erik Leander Johansson Saarukka, 1834-1897, had 5 children, born in Nedervetil:
1. Hilma, 1864-1907
2. Johan Viktor, 1865-1929 - to America 1891.
3. Axel Erik, 1874-1916 in Africa.
4. Ernst Wiljam, 1877-1946
5. Hugo, 1881-1913 in Africa, had son Gunnar, b. 1910.

All this is in my data on the Talko database. If you want more details, let me know and I can send them to you. There were many marriages between my ancestors and Saarukka.


25-06-05, 12:10

Thank you, I would appreciate the info very much. There will be more questions thereafter.

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Art Fors
25-06-05, 18:42
Hello Elizabeth,

If you need more information on Axel Eriksson Saarukka’s descendants here in Canada you can contact me privately at: art.fors*shaw.ca


June Pelo
30-06-05, 21:17

I found this picture from a newspaper about the Saarukka's when they were in South Africa.


01-07-05, 00:01
I don't know how you manage to have all of this stuff but it's fun when you put these images online:)


June Pelo
01-07-05, 01:41

I subscribe to a number of publications that cover news about Finlanders, and I have friends and relatives who also send me lots of stuff. They seem to use me as a sort of clearing house! My den is so crammed with "stuff" I'm going to have to start giving it away.

If anyone can read Swedish and would like my copies of Norden newspaper, I'd be glad to send them on after I read them.


June Pelo
01-07-05, 18:08
In Aug 2004 a Ross Saare posted a number of queries about Axel Saarukka and his family - go to Staffan Storteir's message board. There's a lot of information about Saarukka there:



01-07-05, 19:03

It was so interesting to see all the documentation clips.Thank you for sharing them. Questions and questions. I will look at them closely later this evening. Any bit of information would help us tremendously as they travelled between three countries and one wants to see how many of these questions one can answer. (what we call itching feet.) Finland, Canada Rhodesia and South Africa. That gives us a nice pot-porri!

I will visit the links mentioned. I enjoyed 100 Years since the young Saarukka men minded gold in Africa. MANY questions but only one for now: was the gold mine/mines name ever mentioned?

Genealogy fever is a bad one.