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21-09-03, 18:51
K-G Olin mentioned this name in his book ”Guld och röda skogar”, containing names and information about Finnish immigrants in California.
Ida Maria Sund was born in Solf Nov. 18, 1882 and came to California about 1900. 1917 she was a member of ”Stjärnan i Väster” in San Francisco.
Acc. to the church records in Solf she was married, but there is no further information about her husband.
Does anybody know anything about Ida Maria and her family?
Ulla Höglund

Re: Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg) by David Webb

Hello. It sounds from your email as if you only interested in her husband and possible descendants. Are you interested in ancestors too? There is information on Disbyt (database of Swedish genealogists) about her giving her 2 parents, 3 of her grandparents, 6 of her great-grandparents and 4 of her great-great-grandparents. Do you want this information?

Re: Re: Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg)

That's right - I am interested in her life after she came to the USA. I have got all her ancestors as far back as 6-7-8 generations.
Her father emigrated already in 1883 and I do not know when he died. There was a note in the church records that he was dead already after a few years, but later on there was a correction that he was "uppstånden" (resuscitated)and her wife was not allowed to remarry until 1898.
I wonder, however, about the information on Disbyt - I do not know anybody else who would know much about this family.
Ida Maria Sund was my father's second cousin, and I would very much like to know if there are any descendants.
Ulla Höglund

Re: Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg) by David Webb

I don't know anything about her descendants, but Henrik Mangs put the information on Disbyt.

Re: Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg)

Well, if Henrik Mangs put the information on Disbyt it is my genealogy, so it's OK but no news for me.
Ulla Höglund

Re: Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg) by Syrene Forsman

In the Order of Runeberg obituary listings entered thus far is one
B. Malax d.2 july 1957 Eureka July 1957 issue of Leading Star
It's a stretch, but could he be related? The Eureka Order of Runeberg is still very active. If it turns out that your records in Finland show a relationship, it might be worth sending a query to the Leading Star news for further information.
Good luck!
Syrene Staaf Forsman
Seattle WA

Re: Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg) by Ulla Höglund

Thanks Syrene for your information!
The name Staff indicates that her husband was most likely a Staaf (Staf) from Malax, the more so as Ida Maria's grandmother was Maria Beata Johansdotter Staf born in Malax 1824.
In the list of names in K-G Olin's book there are many Staff people (also Staf), for some of them stated that they were born in Malax.
I will now try first at our genealogy forum for Ostrobothnian families.
Ulla Höglund

Re: Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Staff (or Sund or Anneberg) by Syrene Forsman

Hi cousin Ulla,
I just remembered that a Robert Staaf, living in Vasa, contacted me some years ago, after his son found my brother's name on a Google listing via Internet. He was trying to figure out which Staaf from Malax he might be related to. We couldn't see that it was one of our close family, but could it be one of Ida Maria's?

ward staff
22-08-13, 07:45
I know this posting is old but I found it on a Google search. My name is Chester Edward Staff Jr. and on my fathers side my Grandmother was Ida Sund-Staff and my Grandfather was Edward Staff. I found records on them and their marriage in San Francisco. I am very interested in my heritage as my dad did not tell me much about his family, or his past. Ida Sund-Staff shows a US census birthdate on about 1983 in Finland and immigration records show her arriving in the United State in 1900 at the age of 17. My grandfather Edward Staff also shows a record on being born in Finland in about 1876 and arriving in the United States in 1891 or 1892 at the age of 15 or 16. I sure would love to hear about any additional information regarding my fathers family ties in Finland. Any additional information would be very much appreciated.
Chester Edward 'Ward' Staff Jr. Kirkland, WA USA

June Pelo
22-08-13, 22:15
Hello Ward,

Welcome to the Forum.. and I have a possible connection for you. Based on what I could find in the Talko database, and my database, I think this is your Ida Maria Jakobsdotter Sund, b. 18 Nov 1882 in Munsmo, Korsholm. She was the daughter of Jakob Carl-Wilhelmsson Sund and Dina Karlsdotter Båssar. Henrik Mangs, as well as 3 other members, all have that family in Talko. I checked with Henrik Mangs and he said it's possible the above Ida is "your" Ida... the church record shows that Ida emigrated in 1900 and married in the US.

As for Edward Staff... Talko has a lot of Staaf/Staf names, but I didn't find Edward. HisKi doesn't have birth records for 1876, so I couldn't check further on him. Maybe someone else has access to Malax birth records??

BTW, Syrene would be a second cousin once removed to Ida Maria Sund, b. 1882, above.

If you think Ida Maria, b. 1882 could be your grandmother, I can send you data about her ancestry. It's lengthy and I'd need your e-mail address to send it. If you don't want to post it online, send it to me in a private message.

23-08-13, 10:26
Hello Ward,
Ida Sund was my father's second cousin and I have quite a lot of background information (including a murder in 1832!). There must be lots of relatives in the US - among all immigrants Ida had six cousins (born 1874-1895) who went to Gardner, MA.

Edward Staff was probably born in Malax, and I think Syrene Forsman might know a lot about the Staf/Staaf/Staff families.
Ulla Höglund

ward staff
24-08-13, 20:45

I am so excited to find this forum. I am new to genealogy but it sure is fascinating to me. My father never spoke much of his relatives in fact he always said he was Swedish when in fact both of his parent were from Finland. I would very much appreciate you sharing information with me as I have been doing research on my Grandparents on my fathers side. I am finding many references in the newspapers from San Francisco that detail a home building business run by Edward Staff at the turn of the century. I like to think about what was happening in the world during these times and connect the dots to my family tree. Thank you for the note and I look forward to sharing information.
Chester Edward 'Ward' Staff Jr.

June Pelo
25-08-13, 17:15
To bring readers up-to-date, Ward Staff contacted me via PM and asked for the data I have about Ida Maria Sund and I sent it to him. Since then I've been contacted by someone who has an Edward Staf in his data.. possibly Ward Staff's grandfather...and he has offered to share his data if Ward is interested in it. We're waiting to hear from Ward Staff as to what he wants us to do with this data about Edward Staf.

ward staff
27-08-13, 05:38
I have been traveling for work lately and seems like a lot has been happening here. I can not get over how well connected this group is, and the contributors are so involved. I do want as much information as I can get so I can continue to work on my family history. I have been looking into information in the San Francisco newspapers at the turn of the century and I see Edward Staff building homes and issuing contracts to build homes. My father gave me old woodworking tools that he said belonged to his father so that has tied out for me.
Ward Staff

31-08-13, 13:28
Did you find out Edward’s date of birth? My great-grandfather’s brother is named Edvard Staf, but he is born Dec 1, 1873 in Malax. I know he was in San Francisco in 1906. Could he be your grandfather, or a relative?

ward staff
01-09-13, 20:48
I have found a World War I draft record showing my Grandfathers (Edward Staff) birthdate as December 1, 1874. He and my Grandmother lived in San Francisco during this time. I am very new to genealogy and trying to do as much confirming of information as possible. I know my Grandmother was also from Finland Ida Staff (Sund). I am still digging into information as I have "caught the bug" and I will keep this forum updated with my findings.

June Pelo
25-09-13, 21:31
An update on the Staf/Staff search... it appears that Ward Staf has dropped the search, but we've been able to continue searching and have found a lot of data on the Staf and Sund families for Sara in Finland.. they are her relatives as well as Ward's. The Staf family was large and many came to the U.S., so we are finding new data every day. Sara said that at one time there were so many Staf families in Malax that they began to use different surnames, so the Staf name isn't seen as often in Finland, but it seems to have been retained as Staff in the U.S.