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27-06-05, 00:46
June sent me a bunch of pictures. They are all gathered into one PDF document. The following captions have been added to the pictures.

Anders Johansson Domars-Johnson (1858-1943) and Maja Matilda Johansdotter Pelo (1861-1937).
Lovisa Jakobsdotter Härmälä (1827-1905)
Johan Johansson Björn and Maria Sofia Andersdotter Haals (1853-1917).
Lindqvist family.
Obituary Johannes Wassborr
Finnish Army group - probably has Johannes Vasilius Wassborr in it
Hango Emigrant Hotel.
Linquist-Sholund - think this store was somewhere in northern Michigan.
Group of people from Kaustinen
Petter Herman Tarvonen-Åkerren house - this may be near Pedersöre.
Hilma Sofia Lisa Andersdotter Kykyr (1864-1895).
Jacob Jacobsson Krause (1887-1977) and wife Maria Sofia Andersdotter Domars Johnson (1890-1991)
Johan Emil Johansson Sandahl (1886-1971) and wife Hilda Valentinsdotter Lilyeqvist Sandahl (1890-1980)

Link to the pdf -file (http://finlander.eget.net/bilder/Konterfej_1.pdf)