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27-06-05, 14:57
Could anyone help me finding some people in 1930 census of Oregon.

Martha Frances Gustafson who married Rassie (Rasmus Christian?) Jorgenssen in 1916. They may have these children:
-Mary Frances Jorgenssen (married Edwin J. Raitanen in 1941)
-Astrid Jorgenssen (married Charles C. Wooley in 1943)
-Beatrice Marie Jorgenssen (married Lloyd John Hagen in 1945)

Gustafsson Lillie Ulrika who married James Lovatt in 1918. They may have these children:
-Frances Hellen (b. 1920)
-Edward James (b. about 1926, married Jo Ann Hart in 1950)
-George J. (b. about 1929)

Nyland, Alema Louise, born 1884, who married Jansen, Theodore Albert in 1915.

Nyland, Carl Martin, born in 1888

Nyland, Esther Sophia J., b. about 1891, married Reynolds, Morton H in 1916.

Thanks for any help

Christian Dahlin

27-06-05, 15:35
Hej Christian,
I can't help with the 1930 census but another site which may be very helpful to you is the Oregon State Archives Historical Records site http://genealogy.state.or.us/start.lasso?location=search
A quick search for Lovatt located Naturalization petition records, naturalization certificates, marriage details and a coroners report dated Jul 16, 1920 for Frances Hellen Lovatt Clatsop County.
You can contact the Archives for copies of any records.

27-06-05, 18:25
Hi Jeanette!

And thank you for the site you mentioned. It's because of this site I found many more names and dates for my family tree yesterday.

But I can't verify the children to my families from this database. So some of the names that I mentioned may be from other families.

That's why I hope that a US census could verify that I have got the right names.

I have got one contact in Astoria who thought that he might know some of the descendants to these people. I hope I could serve him with more verified data.

I have also checked at Ancestry.com, but I am not very familiar to this site. It seems that I must pay for the information that is on it.


27-06-05, 18:39
Hi Christian,
Here's what I was able to find in the census.

Martha F Jorgensen, 35, widow, b.Oregon, parents b. Finland
Freida A., 12
Mary F., 11
Reynolds G., 9
Alan B., 7
Found in Stanley Acres, Clatsop County, Oregon
next door was:
John A. Jorgenson, 51, b.Norway
Astrid G., 33, b.Norway
A brother perhaps?

James Lovatt, 44, b. England, 32 yrs old at marriage
Lillian U., 34, b.Oregon
Anna L., 8
Edward James, 4
George J., 1y4m
Found in Youngs River, Clatsop County, Oregon, Apr 24, 1930
Next door, all brothers:
William Gustafson, 36, b.Oregon
Adolph, 37, b.Oregon
George W, 32, b.Oregon

Carl M. Nyland, 40, 39 at marriage, b.Oregon, parents born Sweden
Mary E., 29, b.Kansas, Father b.Ohio, Mother b.Kansas
Found in Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon


Morton H. Reynolds, 39, b.California, Father b.Maine, Mother b.Missouri
Esther N(?), 39, 25 at marriage, b.Oregon, parents b. Sweden
Marian A., 11, b.California
Found in Berkely, Alameda County, California

Hope this helps,

27-06-05, 18:48
Hi Kevin!

Thank you for this information. It seems that my suggestions for these families were right. My family tree grows wider and wider and soon I hope to find persons that I can contact for verifying the last information.


Is there any other site where I can search for this kind of information without paying?

28-06-05, 12:31
Christian, you could try a google/internet search for
terms such as Free Online Census. There are many groups with
volunteers working to type up transcriptions but it is a massive job and very slow. Many earlier census are online particularly the 1850's & 1860's. The MI state government site has an index and images for the 1870 and the county of Alger, MI has the complete 1910 online as is the WA.
At the site listed below under OR Clatsop there is one district transcribed for 1930. Probably not the one you need.

Often county genealogy sites have some transcriptions for some
census years or offer lookups.

June Pelo
28-06-05, 17:45
Someone sent me this website and said it has links to free census records and is searchable:



Karen Norwillo
28-06-05, 22:17
On the Oregon Death Index and SSDI, I found:
Astrid D Wooley
20 Mar 1896
19 Mar 1996, looks like she died 1 day before her 100th birthday
Astoria, Clatsop, Oregon
spouse Charles

Charles C Wooley
May 1892
6 Aug 1975
Multnomal, Oregon
spouse Astrid

Alema Jansen
20 Feb 1884
19 Apr 1976
Seattle, King, WA

Theodore Jansen
28 May 1888
13 Jun 1969
Tacoma, Pierce, WA not sure if this is him, lots of Theodore Jansens, but only one in WA


29-06-05, 09:47
I also found this person in Oregon State Archive some days ago thanks to the site I found on Finlander Forum. Her name was Alema Louise Nyland. I suppose it could be the same person that I have in my database, Alina Lovisa Nylund (in swedish). She married Theodore Jansen. In that case Alema is from my family tree.

Thanks to the good help I got from you and Mr Mike Soderberg in Astoria I am going to establish contact with some of my relatives there soon. It's wonderful to have so many helpful friends!