View Full Version : New member, Jouko Autio

28-06-05, 21:44
Hellow everyone, I am Jouko Autio and I live in Tervola, Finland (near Rovaniemi and Kemi)

Nice to meet you at this forum! I am studying mainly my family roots in Northern-Finland. Names: Autio, Waara, Kiuru, Kumpula, Ketola, Halonen, Pelkonen, Sulasalmi etc.


Karen Norwillo
29-06-05, 16:02
Welcome to Finlander. My heart did a leap when I saw your list. My maiden name is Sulasalmi. I have relatives all over Finland, including Rovaniemi and Salla. Just had a wonderful visit from a fourth cousin, Reijo Sulasalmi and his family. You can see my GedCom under Karen Norwillo. My grandfather was Gabriel Mikonpoika Sulasalmi from Kuolajärvi (Salla) Roy Schnell, another Finlander member, is married to my cousin, her mother was a Sulasalmi. Karen Sulasalmi Norwillo