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28-06-05, 22:47
Hi everyone!

I am a beginner in this forum. I am looking information about the following man, who “disappeared “in USA.

Autio, Kustaus Fredrik Axelson b. 12.2.1873 Sodankylä. He moved to America 1890. His sister Kaisa Gustava, b. 17.1.1871 moved to America 1893. She married to Johan Mörtberg b. 14.9.1971. They met on the ship to America. The family returned to Övertorneo, Sweden 1904? The queston is that we know very little about Kustaus Autio. He sent a couple of pictures to Filnland, thats all. Was he married? When did he die? Perhaps someone can help me.

Jouko Autio

28-06-05, 22:59
Do you know the destination town and state in America?
Knowing that would allow for a search of local records.


29-06-05, 17:58
Hi Chuck!

Unfortunately I dont know the destination town and state in America, a good guess is Michigan?


Karen Norwillo
29-06-05, 18:11
On the 1900 Census for Hancock, Houghton, Michigan

Mortberg, John, Feb 1864, age 36, married, Sweden, to US 1893, miner
Mortberg, Gustie, Jan 1864, 36, Sweden, 1893
Mortberg, Hulda, Mar 1896, 4, MI
Mortberg, Leona, Mar 1990, 2/12, MI
Not a perfect match, but close. Looks like Kaisa used her middle name.

I found a Fred Autio on the 1900 census in Ten Mile River, Mendocino, CA. Birth dates not a match.
Autio, Fred, lodger, Mar 1877, age 23, single, Finland, to US 1891, woodsman.

June Pelo
29-06-05, 18:30
This probably has no connection, but there was a Sanna Eriksdotter Autio, b. 1871 in Alahärmä, who emigrated to the US and married Anders Jakobsson Kiivilä-Jakobsson in 1893 in Ludington, Michigan. Anders died 1907 in Amasa, Mich. Their daughter Hilma, b. 1897 in Ludington, was married in Negaunee, 1920, to Johannes Mattsson Kivela from Perho, d. in Watton, Michigan. Hilma died 1967 in Milwaukee, WI.


29-06-05, 19:59
I didn't find Autio that matched yours and of course a Swedish born person won't be listed amongst Finnish born.
If you wish to look at the UP counties dbase, go to delphi article collections on the top frame, type granskare on the search and you will reach the listing. They are by county.
Good luck,

29-06-05, 21:21
Thank you all for your efforts! Karen, you found this family:Mörtberg, Autio, Kaisa *Gustava Akselintytär
b. 17.1.1871 Sodankylä, Sattanen, d. 17.8.1909 .
Spouse: Married 25.4.1896
Mörtberg, Johan Johaninpoika
b. 14.9.1871 Övertorneå, d. 22.10.1956 Tukholma.
1) Hulda Emilia
b. 28.3.1897 USA.
2) Johan Leonard
b. 21.3.1900 USA, d. 30.11.1980 Övertorneo.
Spouse: Married
Mörtberg, Hanna Elisabeth
b. 21.4.1900 Övertorneo, d. 10.5.1979 Övertorneo.
3) Karl Ferdinand
b. 28.3.1902 Niemis, Hietaniemi.
4) Uno Alexander
b. 4.12.1903 Niemis, Hietaniemi.
5) Alfilda Gustava
b. 5.5.1905 Niemis, Hietaniemi, d. 21.4.1982 Västervik.
Spouse: Married 3.7.1935
Waara Grape, Sven Birger
landsfiskal, b. 14.1.1902 Nederluleå, d. 21.4.1976 Västervik.
6) Oskar Fredrik
b. 29.8.1907 Niemis, Hietaniemi.


02-07-05, 23:12
Btw, in the 1900 census there is one Guss Autio with the approx birth year 1870, immigrated abt. 1890 in Montana

1900 census:

Guss Autio Granite, Granite, Montana abt 1870 Finland White Head
Hilda Autio Granite, Granite, Montana abt 1878 Finland White Wife
Julia Autio Granite, Granite, Montana abt 1896 Colorado White Daughter
William E Autio Granite, Granite, Montana abt 1898 Utah White Son

It is not that easy to follow Guss in the censuses after that. Hilda seems also difficult to trace.


04-07-05, 10:45
Hasse, thank you! Guss is an interesting connection, needs to be checked some way.

23-07-05, 00:25
Hey Jouko,
I came across this listing at Gen Soc of Finland.
Yrjö Raivio: Kanadan suomalaisten historia I-II
The books "Kanadan suomalaisten historia I-II" (1975 & 1979) was written by Yrjö Raivio. All names found in the indexes of the books are listed below. Note that no page numbers are mentioned for part I.
Typed by Martti Kajorinne, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Autio, Kusti II:435
Autio, Väinö II:114


11-10-05, 21:20
Hey Jeanette!

Thank you for your attention!

I checked the books "Kanadan suomalaisten historia I-II" (1975 & 1979)
Autio, Kusti II:435
He was one of the first wellknown athletes in the sports club Sudbury Sampo at 1950´s
Autio, Väinö II:114
He was one of the volunteers in Canada, who left to fight in the winter war at 1939.

Both of them are far too young to match to my Kustaus Fredrik Autio.