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03-07-05, 22:53
Hello all!

Question is about my grandmother's aunt Liisa Alina Jola (maiden name Kontoniemi), born April 28 1881 Alavus, Finland d. February 10 1950 Eveleth, Minnesota. She has been living in Virginia, Biwabik and Eveleth. I'm not sure about the year of moving from Finland to USA, but it's more likely about 1910.

I have Liisa's obituary and there is said the following:

Married Andrew Jola in 1901.
Member of Kaleva Hall and Concordia Lutheran Church.

Survivors include:
husband Andrew
two daughters; Mrs. Harold Popp of Chicago , Illinois and Mrs. Frank Kokal of Eveleth
three sons; Theodore, Eino, and Russell of Eveleth
eight grandchildren
two sisters; Mrs. Otto Warillo of Red Lodge, Montana and Mrs. August Lehtinen of Kimbell, MN

I would like to have more information about Liisa's and Andrew's family. I'm very happy and thankful if someone could find the names and birth dates/years of their children. Even better if some names of their grandchildren in Eveleth, MN and perhaps in Chicago, IL and Kimbell, MN. I hope that some day I have chance to contact their living descendants, but this far my information ends too early and I don't know any names of US relatives to contact.


04-07-05, 01:28
Eveleth - Suomi Synod
Concordia Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church

This saves me a look into the Swedish church record or does it? This is what Swenson has so now I am not sure but it looks promising:)


I've come across 2 other Finnish language church films for upper Michigan so why not Minnesota also!

And I was just writing to show that a search at Swenson was not in the cards

Karen Norwillo
04-07-05, 02:52
Don't know how much of this you know, but I found a wealth of info on Ancestry.co
Theodore R Jola, born 4 Aug 1903, died 1 Feb 1962, St Louis cty, MN

Ano Norman Jola, born 15 Sep 1905, died 5 Jul 1984, St Louis, MN

Elvera Jean Jola, wife of Ano, born 3 Aug 1908, died 4 Aug 1991, Eveleth, MN, maiden name: Skytta

Rodney Theodore Jola, living, father Ano Jola, mother Elvera Rajala (differs from above) Skytta may be her mother's maiden name?

Jennifer Ann Jola, living, father Rodney Theodore Jola, Mother Patricia Ann Sopp

Jeffrey James Jola, living, father Rodney Theodore Jola, mother Patricia Ann Sopp

Gabrielle Dawn Jola, living, father Rodney Theodore Jola, mother Dawn Heidi Oppelt, new wife??

Trude Jane Jola, living, father Russell Jola, mother Mollie Urbiha

Carol Jean Jola, living, father Russell Ensio Jola, mother Molly Ann Urbiha

Trude Jane Uren, living, died 11 Feb 1989 San Bernadino, CA. mother Urbiha, father Jola

Jennifer Ann Jola married Jeffrey J Pederson, living

1930 census for Eveleth, St Louis, MN on Pierce St
Kokal, Frank, head, 23, married at 19, born MN, parents Austria, mason iron mine
Kokal, Sadie, wife, 22, m, 18, MN, parents Finland

Sadie Alina Kokal, born 19 Feb 1908, died 25 Aug 1979 MN
Frank John Kokal, born 28 Feb 1907, died 25 Mar 1997, Eveleth, MN

Hope this helps, Karen

edited by Hasse, removed birthdates of living persons. The original message sent to Eriksson by e-mail

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Hi Marko,
Welcome to Finlander.
Perhaps these sites will come in handy for your research.
Minnesota Birth Index 1900-1910
Minnesota Death Index 1905-1996
http://people.mnhs.org/dci/Search.cfm Lots to search
Iron Range Research Centre Naturalizations, Alien Reg's, Obits


Karen Norwillo
04-07-05, 18:01
Found on Migration Institute, Liisa Juola, age 28, destination Eveleth, MN, left Hanko 13 May 1908 Polaris, left Liverpool 22 May 1908 Virginian. Travelled with Juho and Hilma Juola. Did not find Andrew or Anders. Karen Thanks, Hasse.

04-07-05, 21:22
Thank you all, you gave me lots of new information and great links. I found some new info also.

I would like to ask little bit (?) more, this time about Liisa Alina's parents and siblings. Their family name was in Finland Kontoniemi, but now I have found out that they used shorter one in US: Niemi. Wasn't surprise...

Her parents were Henry Niemi Sr, b. 22. May 1850 Alavus, Finland. D. 21. February 1913 and Saana Niemi, b. 27. June 1859 Alavus, Finland. I have no idea where they - or at least Henry - lived, probably in Minnesota. I would like to know the place of death of Henry, and the date and place of death of his wife.

Liisa have had three siblings in US:

- Anna Tekla Lehtinen, b. 15 September 1882 Alavus, Finland d. 1 April 1954 Kandiyohi, MN. Moved to Virginia, MN in 1899. Husband August Lehtinen. They lived in 1950 in Kimbell, MN. I'd like to know the names and birth dates of their children and grandchildren, if possible.

- Senja Saana Warillo, b. 13 June 1887 Alavus, Finland d. ? Husband Otto Warillo. They lived in 1950 in Red Lodge, Montana. I would like to know as well the names and birth dates of their children and grandchildren, if possible.

- Henry Niemi Jr, b. 25 May 1891 Alavus, Finland. Moved to US in October 1913. I'm not sure where Henry lived but I guess in Minnesota. About Henry Jr. I'd like to know that did he have wife and when he died. If he had children, I'd like to have the names and birth dates of them and grandchildren, if possible.

Huge thanks!


Karen Norwillo
05-07-05, 03:08
1920 census, Red Lodge, Carbon, MT
Warila, Otto, head, age 34, married, Finland, coal miner
Warila, Senia, wife, 32, Finland, US 1905
Warila, Elinor E. daughter, 7, MT
Warila, Ethel, daughter, 4, MT

1930 census, same location
Warila, Andres O, 44, married at 26, Finland, US 1906, coal miner
Warila, Senia J, 42, married at 24, Finland, US 1904
Warila, Rauha E, 17, MT note difference in name
Warila, Ethel J, 14, MT

Montana Death Index, Senja Warila, 23 Feb 1953
Otto A Warila, 28 Feb 1954, Sheridan, MT, widowed

Found a Gust Lehtinen on the MN Death Index that might be the right one.
Gust Lehtinen, 11 Feb 1876, died 21 Jan 1958, St Louis, MN.

05-07-05, 13:54
Otto can be found in the 1910 census in Red Lodge.
Surname: WARRILA | Given Name: OTTO
Age: 24 |Sex: M | Race: WHITE |Birthplace: FINLAND
County: CARBON | Locality: 2-WD RED LODGE|
T624-Roll: 829 |
Part: 1 | Page: 118 | Subpage: B | State: MT

WARILA , OTTO ANDRES | 12 JUL 1885 |28 FEB 1954 |Red Lodge
WARILA , SENIA JEANNETTE |13 JUN 1887| 23 FEB 1953 |Red Lodge

Carbon County Marriage Index, 1895-1950's


05-07-05, 14:14
A couple more links I think will be useful



05-07-05, 23:39
Not an awful lot and probably none who fit you. But here it is for what it's worth:

From member index
Juola, Toivo & Signe, page 64 (missing)
Juola, Mr & Mrs Ernest, page 71 (also missing)
Juola, Warren, page 71 (missing)
Juola, Jon D, page 71 (missing)

From confirmation lists:
List of May 15 1960 has
James Juola, parents Toivo and Signe Juola

marriage lists begin from 1921
funerals end in 1933

As I said, not much and likely not your group.

07-07-05, 08:25
Thank you once again. Senia Warila's family came much more clearer and now I even know few names of living relatives. And yes, Jola family's real name was Juola in Finland. These persons "granskare" wrote about are - I'm pretty sure about it - relatives of Jolas of my family. But not related to me.

Could someone yet check that are there any information available from census' or something about Anna Tekla Lehtinen's family as well as her brother Henry Niemi Jr? Anna Tekla may be much easier as I know that she has been living in Kimbell, MN. I'd like to know that did she have any children. Henry's history is totally unclear and it's just a guess that he was also in MN. I'm afraid it may be almost impossible area to research if he wasn't living near his siblings. :(

All the best,