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Paivi T
04-07-05, 07:51
An association called Suomen Sukuhistoriallinen Yhdistys has started a project of digitising genealogy research material such as communion books, and putting that material online.

You can view results at:

www.digiarkisto.org > Arkistot

Päivi T

05-07-05, 03:05
A great idea - I hope somebody will be able to make a Swedish or English translation because, I for one, have no idea what to do.

Well, there was one link that I knew the gist of, especially when I saw this symbol: €
edit: I later found that the link named uutta would get one to a listing of scanned pages. Big big project, kinda like genline in Sweden.


Paivi T
05-07-05, 13:06
The list of menus translates as follows:

Kotisivu = Home

SSHY = Abbreviation of the association
Liity jäseneksi = How to become a member
Osallistu! = Participate!
Yhteystiedot = Contact details

Arkistot = Archives
Uutta = New
Tulossa = Coming soon

Digitointi = Digitising
Ohjeet = Instructions

Jäsenille = For members

Vieraskirja = Guestbook
Linkit = Links

To view digitised material, do as follows:

* In the main menu on the left, click on the linked word "Archives". An alphabetical list of localities is displayed. -- You can choose to display the localities list either by "paikkakunnittain" (by locality) or "maakunnittain" (by "county").

* Select the locality by clicking on its name. A list of digitised material for that locality is displayed.

The heading row a the top contains the following headings, from the left: Tiedot (Data) -- Vuodet (Period) -- Lähde (Source) -- Sivut/kuvat (Pages/pictures). Thus, the column labeled Tiedot (Data) contains the list of digitised material available for that locality.

* Click on the link of the specific data, eg. "Rippikirja" = communion book. A list of the contents of the selected book is displayed. Each further link on the left will display a specific page.
When a page is displayed, there may be buttons labeled "Edellinen" (Previous) and "Seuraava" (Next) to facilitate moving back and forth between consecutive pages.

Hope this helps a little,

Päivi T

04-08-05, 02:41
A big help and thanks Päivi :)

I have seen genline for Sweden which is fabulous so I think this is going to be a big help for Finnish genealogy.


Paivi T
02-11-05, 07:38
A lot of material has been scanned and put online since I first posted this link. And a lot more material will be put online soon. This site is active, and worth checking out fairly often.

Päivi T

Paivi T
23-11-05, 14:55
The SSHY Digital Archives website has now an English user interface for most pages. Click on the British flag to switch to English.

Päivi T