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Carol Hanes
04-07-05, 08:13
Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. I am interested in researching and gaining information on my grandparents:
Johan Jakob Jakobsson Sj÷blom b. 14 Feb.1879, Monas Village, Munsala d. 18 July, 1958 Duluth, Minn. and Johanna Sofia Simonsdotter Auras b. 22 March 1877 in Katabacka in Kommossa, Oravais d. 5 Dec. 1950. June Pelo saw my post on another site and has let me know the Talko database has more of their info. I am interested in learning more about family in Finland, the immigration circumstances and experience. I have traced some of their steps in the USA but seek to learn more about their years in Ironwood, Michigan. Names used once in the USA were John J. Schublom and Hanna Wicklund. Also their connection to the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Duluth, Minn.

04-07-05, 10:21
Hi Carol,
Welcome to Finlander.
Could this be your John?
Ironwood Michigan 1912 Directory
SCHUBLOM, JOHN --- Photographer, 106 W Aurora, res 22 Tamarack
Included are a number of links relevent to the surrounding area.

June may have pointed out these articles to you already
Ebenezer Baptist Church, Duluth, Minn.
I like this site lots for St Louis County

Carol Hanes
09-07-05, 03:12
Thanks Jeanette. Yes, this is my grandfather. I have seen these pages before and marvel at the generosity of others to post what may seem some very mundane information but to researchers this is pure gold.

The family story was that John was a photographer earlier in his life but I didn't know where and when. I am interested in learning more about Ironwood, Michigan in that time period. I see several other photographers listed in the directory so he had competition. I have a wedding photo of my grandparents taken at the studio of Louis Oscar Haugen about 1902 (wedding date still to be confirmed). I have some family photos of which my grandfather was the photographer.

I have done a bit of research on the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Duluth, Minnesota but would be pleased to hear from others who have info on this Finnish Swedish Church. Also I am interested in the Baptist movement in Finland in the late 1800's and early 1900's. I have heard that there was a Baptist congregation in Munsala. Does anyone have info on this?

09-07-05, 03:26
Hi and welcome to sfhs!
If you click on Delphi Article Collection at the top of the page, you will reach a search engine - type granskare into that and you will reach the lists by county of UP Swedish churches. Perhaps your people are listed as members?


June Pelo
09-07-05, 20:56

If you use the Search function on Finlander and type Baptist church, you'll find some previous mail by members about this topic - around Oct 14, 2004.


Carol Hanes
11-07-05, 07:12
Thank you to all who have replied to my post.

To Chuck - thanks for the "granskare" link on the Delphi site. I have much more reading to do there. I did not find my grandparents so far but I did find my grandmother's brother at the Grace Lutheran Church in Ironwood, Michigan.

Thanks to June for the link to the previous discussion. I have read all and looked around. I downloaded the Swedish document and had a go at translation via online translation devices. Some of it comes out quite amusing but at least I get the gist of the info.

Might I move this discussion to another section of the forum? How do I do that?

11-07-05, 22:44
I can check it out for you and see what other family are listed with him.
I will be going down to Swenson Tuesday so can see what is there for him.


13-07-05, 22:17
I checked all of the Utah churches, not many of them, and did not find your family so they had to be where there was not a Swedish language church. I also did not see them on the arrivals lists.
here is a scan of the members info from Grace Lutheran in Ironwood, MI.

Carol Hanes
14-07-05, 15:51
Chuck, thank you once again for your help. I e-mailed my relative with the info you gave me. She has a narrative history written by Simon Edvard about his life. He states his arrival to the USA as Portland, Maine and then made his way west, sending for his wife and son a year later. He doesn't mention ever living in Utah but there is a mention of his wife having a sister there.