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08-07-05, 07:56
I found a Victor Mäki on the passenger record departing 1 April 1893 which year matches up with the 1900 federal census where he is listed as being in USA for 7 years.

On the passport lists we have two Victor Mäkis which might be a fit.
Victor Gustafsson Mäki
Victor Leander Mäki

If somebody has full access to the Institute of Migration passport list, I'd be grateful for some more information on him.

You can see the names on the attached image.

Paivi T
08-07-05, 11:21
Chuck, here are the passport records of the two Viktors:

Last name Mäki
First names Viktor Gustafsson
Other names *
Date of birth . .9999
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Ent. taloll. pka
Home parish Laitila
Province TUR
Passport date 25.02.1897
Passport number 61
Passport valid (year:month) 1:0
Destination Ulkomaat
Passport issued by TUR
Remarks *

Last name Mäki
First names Viktor Leander
Other names *
Date of birth . .9999
Marital status *
Religion *
Occupation Puusepänoppilas
Home parish Tampere
Province HÄM
Passport date 11.05.1903
Passport number 0
Passport valid (year:month) 1:0
Destination *
Passport issued by HÄM
Remarks *

Päivi T

Paivi T
08-07-05, 14:16
Chuck, here are all passport records that come up with the keyword "Mäki" from Kankaanpää:

Last name First names Passport date Date of birth Home parish Destination
Mäki Frans Hermansson 14.10.1902 . .1863 Kankaanpää USA
Mäki Isak Anton 17.01.1903 . .1879 Kankaanpää USA
Mäkilä Emil Alarik 11.02.1905 . .1887 Kankaanpää USA
Mäkinen Frans Oskar Simonsson 29.11.1902 . .1876 Kankaanpää USA
Mäkinen Isak Johansson 21.04.1902 . .1869 Kankaanpää USA
Mäkinen Jafet Jalmari 04.07.1905 . .1883 Kankaanpää USA
Mäkinen Johan Wilhelm 21.11.1902 . .1875 Kankaanpää USA
Mäkipää Frans Oskar Johansson 28.10.1902 . .1883 Kankaanpää USA

Alas, not a single Viktor among them. And this one's probably not a match either:

Last name First names Passport date Date of birth Home parish Destination
Mäkelä Viktor Johansson 05.02.1903 . .1859 Kankaanpää USA

Päivi T

08-07-05, 17:34
Thanks Paivi,
I should have put his birthdate into my query. The church record in Michigan listed him as born March 25 1869 at Kankaanpää.

I am going down to the Bettendorf library once again to check Boston arrivals for my mother's mother and also for Victor.

EDIT: I found Miina Kujansuu arriving Boston on ship Commonwealth.

Because I don't know any name other than Victor, church record does not show more than that, it's going to be tough to find this guy. His wife is listed only as Ida born Oct 21 1867 at Alatornio - I believe I found her on hiski for that birthdate. Here's that line:
"21.10.1867 24.10.1867 Tengeliö f. 261 Inh. Isak Sal:sn Wuosku Eva 35-40 Ida"

I do notice also a Marja Sjoquist daughter on that church list, born at Kankaanpää February 10, 1895. Perhaps this girl was a daughter to Victor's second wife, Kristina Mikolan (Finnish text from the book is as follows: Victori Mäki mennyt toisen kerran Naimisin Leski (I think the next bit below the above line finishes the sentence) ai syntynyt Piippolan kirkonkylässä O L Suomessa
(then on the facing page) Kristina Mikolan kansas 36 vuotta kuoli Republikissa marraskuun 7 paiva 1857.
In the "kuollut" column is this for her - 8 t? / 5 p 1938.
I have it that this Finnish text means Victor went and got married a second time to the widow Kristina Mikola. She is listed on the 1920 census as Christina.
On the 1900 census where I expected Ida (surname not listed in church record), I see Hilda so perhaps Ida and Hilda are the same names.

If anybody sees errors in my assumptions, please let me know. OK, off to Bettendorf :)

10-07-05, 19:32
Victor Mäki on the passenger record departing 1 April 1893

Do you have the travel information from the passenger record at the migration institute?

I am interested in the shipping line he used from England to America - I have a similar record for my Kujansuu grandparents and that helped me to find them on the Boston arrivals.


Margareta L
11-07-05, 00:59
Hi Chuck!

Here detailed passenger information:

Last name: Mäki
First name: Victor
Age: 27
Port of departure: Vaasa
Place of destination: Quebec
State of destination: PQ
Country of destination: CDN
Price of ticket: USD 30
Ship from Finland: Urania
Date of departure from Finland: 01.04.1893
Ship from England: *
Date of departure from England: ..9999
Ocean Line: Allan Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 3/11
Remarks: *

11-07-05, 01:52
You saved me a lot of trouble. I had a list of ships departing England in the last half of April so now I know to stick with the Allan Line!

I ought to be able to catch him tomorrow.
EDIT MONDAY: Unfortunately the ancestry.com Quebec arrivals have a few years they haven't transcribed yet with 1893 amongst them so that ends it for the moment :(