View Full Version : Reynold Anderson confusing death certifikate

08-07-05, 13:12
Got a copy of my grgreat aunt s husband Reynold Anderson who died Oct12 1925 in Bronx. According to the death certificate burial place is Mount Hope Wis.? Does it mean Wisconsin? How can he be buried in Wisconsin if he died in Bronx NY? Death certificate attached.

09-07-05, 00:23
Hi Christer,
It does seem strange but I suppose is possible that his body was shipped to Wisconsin for burial. I did a google search and there is a Mount Hope, Wisconsin, in Grant County on the Southwest corner of the state.

Here's a link:

Might be worth checking for a genweb site for this county and see if there's a record of him in one of the cemetaries.

24-07-05, 10:15
Found out that the burialplace of Reynold Anderson was Mount Hope Cemetery in Westchester, New York.Now just have to find the grave.

24-07-05, 18:07
Perhaps this guy in NY is a different man entirely?

Did he have a Wisconsin connection?