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08-07-05, 14:25

I am searching information my grandmotherīs sister Martta Koskela.

Martta was born in Kaustinen 1909 ja she went to Canada Toronto in 1929.

Marttaīs brother told me that Martta met there a finnish man, his name was Varen ( Taavetti, David?) perhaps Varin? He came from Kuopio, Finland. They perhaps divorced after couple of years.

They had one son, his name is Allan Varen/Varin? Allan worked as a doctor, he is abt 70 years old now. Marttaīs brother told me, that he donīt know if Allan was adopted...???

Martta was in nursing home at 1970 (Toronto).

I would like to know, if i have relatives in Canada, perhaps Allan has children?

Any help would be valuable!!!!

Sorry my bad language....

09-07-05, 05:58
Hi Onerva,
At the Library and Archives, Canada site I found both arrivals into Quebec.
Immigration Records (1925-1935)
Surname: Koskela
Given name: Martta
Age: 20
Sex: F
Nationality: Fi
Date of arrival: 1929/08/09 (YYYY/MM/DD)
Port of arrival: Quebec , Quebec
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-a
Volume: 1929 volume 18
Page: 95
Microfilm reel: T-14757

Surname: Varin
Given name: Taavetti
Age: 24
Sex: M
Nationality: Fi
Date of arrival: 1926/09/11 (YYYY/MM/DD)
Port of arrival: Quebec , Quebec
Ship: MONTROSE , Canadian Pacific
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-a
Volume: 1926 volume 17
Page: 159
Microfilm reel: T-14726

Best wishes

09-07-05, 10:46

Thank you for your information!! Iīm so happy to know something about Martta!

But do you have any ideas how could i get information of Allan (Marttaīs and Taavettiīs son)????

Marttaīs brother told me that he knows that Taavetti is dead, but is Martta still living? (at the age of 96!)

Onerva :p

10-07-05, 08:09
Hi Onerva,
I have no experience researching in Canada but I found some llinks which may be helpful to you.
Obituary Daily Times
Not all obituaries are listed but the good news is Allan Varin is not to be found there. Maiden names are often mentioned.
Canada White Pages can also search USA
You can search surname and all provinces or initials and surname
or surname by province.
I found two Alain Varin both in QC (I believe is Quebec).

A database of over 2 Million interments in Ontario (the province Toronto is in).
Again no success for either Taavetti or Martta.
Most searchable databases I found were for the early part of the 20th century, prior to the marriage, even for the deaths. Unfortunately, I don't know of anything like the American Social Security Death Index that can be searched to help with death dates and places.

Perhaps one of the two Alains is yours.

PS Welcome to the Finlander Forum.

June Pelo
10-07-05, 19:27
Bill Martin has submitted some Ontario records here:
http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/indexe.htm click on Canada and then on Indexes, and go to Ontario.

Bill Martin used to have a website at:
http://www.tbaytel.net/bmartin/ but it wasn't there when I checked. However, he is still active with Canadian research.


June Pelo
10-07-05, 19:40
Here's more info:

Ships and Passenger Lists - Canada


Olive Tree [Genealogy] has some passenger lists from Shipping Agent records online, and will be adding more as time permits. There are also the William McCorkell & Co. lists but they begin in
1863 and end in 1871.

The Hawke Papers, letterbooks of Chief Emigrant Agent Anthony B. Hawke are also available. They cover the years 1831 to 1892. These might be of most use to you. To read more about the Hawke Papers and where/how to access them, see the
Resource Guide at http://olivetreegenealogy.com/articles/immcanpre1865.shtml

You're lucky if you are looking after 1865 because before that date, Canada did not require these manifests to be archived. The Archives of Ontario has immigration records from 1867 to 1902. The National Archives of Canada holds immigration records from 1865 to 1935. However these lists after 1865 are not indexed. To find an ancestor you must know details - an exact date is almost a
must, a ship name is helpful, etc.

You can use Sue Swiggum's new CD "Passenger Ship Arrivals Canadian Ports 1865-1899" as a resource to help you narrow the list of microfilms you might have to search. Remember though that this is a Finding Aid, it does not have passenger lists.
You will be able, for example, to look under the year 1891 and narrowing it even further to your time frame, be able to come up with a list of possible ships and the NAC [National Archives of
Canada] film number for ordering them.

For a link to Sue's Cd go to http://www.theshipslists.com/

If you can find a local library or FHC that carries this CD you can take a look.

For a complete list of NAC film numbers for Ships to Canada after 1865 see

Also you can search online for Ships Passenger Lists to Canada but be forewarned that a very small percentage have been transcribed and put online.

This has a custom search engine to search multiple websites; it should save you time. To browse online ships to Canada after 1865 see

**Search Ships Passenger Lists to USA

**Search Ships Passenger Lists to Canada

**Search Ships Passenger Lists to Australia/New Zealand