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12-07-05, 01:35
I just found your web site. I am researching my mother's parents who where born in Finland.
Grandmother Fanny was from Karleby, Finland
Fanny Elizabeth Rasmus of Saka, Karleby 1889-1939
Her Mother Lisa (Lizzie) Rasmus 1871-1931
Her Father Matts Johansson 1886- 1940

I heard that in 1891 Matts, ran off leaving his wife Lisa & daughter Fanny. He went to Coos Bay, Oregon.
Lisa joined him in Oregon some time around 1905-07.
Fanny and some friends from Karleby sailed to NY in 1906-7, she sailed around the horn to arrive in Oregon some time in 1907. She is quoted as saying "she would never get on another boat".
Fanny Married Vaino Pajari on July 20. 1908
They lived in the Reedsport Oregon area.
They had 8 children.

Vaino Pajari 1880 -1962 was born in Parikkala area the village was Tyrja. His parents were listed as landowners.
His father was Paavo Matinp Pajari, son of Matti Martinp Pajari & Katriina Paavontr
His mother was Katrinna (Matikainen) Pajari

Vaino was one of nine children. Vaino went to a Agriculture school in Russia. In Feb. 1907 he sailed on the Urania for the USA and landed in Coos Bay, (Marshfield) Oregon

I would like to know more of these ancestor's.

I was in Finland in 1972. Visited Helsinki, Savonlinna, & Joensuu.
I had no clue that when I visited the Russian border out side of Savonlinna that the village I was looking at was very near the Pajari farn. Small world.

I am a 62 year old widow living in Estero, Fl. I love to do research on the net.
I like to cook, play some golf & spoil my Rat Terrier.

Jim Bailey
13-07-05, 21:41
Hi, Susie ----

Welcome to the List. I think you'll find the people here are very helpful and just plain "wonderful" in general.

Christian Dahlin and Gustaf Sundstrom in Finland have sent me essential information, without which I would never have found relatives further back. June Pelo has sent me Swedish language newspapers, and Chuck in Rock Island has sent me photocopies of Ashland, WI, family records.

Syrene Forsman has sent added information and encouragement, and of course the web master Hasse Nygård in Finland is a gem too. (Apologies to all the others whom, for lack of space, I have not named.)

I hope you find this one of the best websites ever for your research.


June Pelo
13-07-05, 22:48

What a strange coincidence: I have Fanny Elisabet Ramus, b. 31 Dec 1879 in Karleby, married 1900 in Karleby to Johan Emil Leander Härmälä, b. 14 Feb 1872, Karleby, d. 27 Mar 1962, Seattle, WA. The couple went to America 1891. I have no data about children. Fanny's parents were Jacob Gustaf Johansson Ventus-Rasmus and Maja Lisa Henriksdotter Kulla. This data can be found in Släkten Kulla i Såka i Karleby 1780-1980 by Frans Lillsunde. So these people evidently are not the same people you are seeking..


14-07-05, 00:07
Hi Suzie,
Welcome to Finlander!
On the Scandinavians in the 1910 census index I found Vaino.
The index lists heads of household only so hopefully someone with access to the images can locate the family for you.
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

From all your detailed information you have probably have visited this site but I will post in just in case.
You may be able to order obituaries which would be helpful.


14-07-05, 05:55
June---Too funny, two Fanny Elizabeth R's in a small town, ten years apart.
I have been lucky to fine a post from a distant Rasmus relative living in Karleby. He has supplied me with all the details I know of the Karleby-Saka connection.
He said that Johan Johansson moved from Lappajarvi to Saka in 1860ties, to ( Rasmus Hill) settled there and added Rasmus to the family name. Some Rasmus family has been there to this day.
Johan Johansson Rasmus was Fanny's grandfather.
Johansson sure sounds Swedish to me. That explains Fanny speaking Swedish.
I found a number of Karleby teens at the Ellis Island site around 1907, seems they all wanted to get out of town. I understand those were very hard times, no money & no way of earning any.

14-07-05, 06:09
Thanks, I had not seen that Coos site. I have been using Ancestry. The Oregon Pajari's are not so hard to find, I did not know the dates & places as I grew up in California. Plus I am the last child. I am amazed at what I have found out in a short time.

Kay Voth
25-09-05, 18:44
Hi Suzie:
I was just reading your introduction and other respones. I've seen the names of Matts Johansson, etc..down at the Bandon, oregon Historical Museum.
My grandparents came to Bandon, Oregon from a short stay first in Michigan, where they had immigrated from Kronoby area. I have found my grandmother's two brothers gravesites in our old pioneer cemetery and also my grandfather's sister's grave there. Just found this a couple of months ago, so am anxious to prowl around when the cemetery is open Memorial Day. You are welcome to write me at VVoth*webtv.net if you so chose. I am around your age, being 64. I'm sure your family and my family knew each other.

Shirley King
26-09-05, 16:14
"Johan Johansson Rasmus was Fanny's grandfather.
Johansson sure sounds Swedish to me. That explains Fanny speaking Swedish."

Hi Suzie,
Your ancestors are from a a Swedish speaking part of Finland. For many years the decendents of my grandparents thought we were Swedish and it wasn't until I started my research and met all these wonderful people that I realized we were Finnish. I am still having a hard time convincing some cousins of this fact. They are determined to be Swedish! I think it is funny. Anyway, I have recieved tons of info from many people on this forum who are from the area. If you haven't done so yet, place your questions on the "Relatives Search Board" and see what happens!!
Shirley King