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12-07-05, 08:58
I am stuck in my research about my family. Here is what I know.

My Great grandparents came to the US seperately and settled in Ohio then married. Then they went back to Finland so my grandfather could be born there, after which they came back to the US. They are all from Helsinki from what I've been able to find out.

My great-grandfather came here in 1910 and naturalized in 1915, name was Thomas Manner, born about 1893 in Helsinki. But I can't find any record of his immigration, the information I have is from census records.

My great-grandmother came here around the same time but can't confirm the exact date. One document I found shows her naturalized in 1915 and another shows her arriving in 1916. Her name was Katherine Lunamas, born March 17, 1895 in Helsinki. It also looks like she had a brother named Urho Lunamas that came to the US in 1921.

They were married about 1920 in Ohio, but can't find a marriage certificate. They went back to Finland prior to my grandfather's birth on Feb. 22, 1921 in Helsinki. He was Henry Oliver Manner. They came back to the US that same year.

I was told that the family name is something like Metenba, but I can't confirm that either. I know this is a shot in the dark, but maybe someone may know something.

Thanks in advance.