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14-07-05, 15:22
Want to chat with native speakers of English who live in Finland ?

You can do that on Finland Forum which is at :


The forum is both entertaining and informative and it has 4500 + registered members. There are no fees of any kind !

Welcome !

14-07-05, 23:52
I went to the website you mentioned and took a look around. I must say, I was a little shocked at what I read. I only looked at 1 thread but was dismayed to read comments about how stupid Americans are and other insults flying back and forth.

Is this typical of that forum? I don't claim to know every member of this board but I think most would not be comfortable in that kind of environment. We're a group who seeks assistance and provides assistance to others.

Maybe I stumbled on the one bad thread on your site but felt I needed to ask.

With respect,

15-07-05, 23:48

It would be very good if you could post your critical comments to Finland Forum. It would give the unpolite people something to think about.

Most people on Finland Forum are quite nice and helpful. That is my experience. The forum is also very informative.