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15-07-05, 01:36
I obtained a copy of my wife's gg Grandmother's rippikirja (Page 24) from the Seppälä farm in Sapsalampi, Alavus Parish in the 1831-1837 black books. On the right hand page is some writing in Swedish which I can only make out a few words.

I would appreciate a translation if someone can read the writing. Attached is a scan of the writing.http://Regina Seppälä Note in Black Book[img]

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15-07-05, 06:26
Thanks, Chuck. This was the first time posting an image and found the process not very intuitive. Couldn't view the image in review mode.

16-07-05, 20:24
Hello !
I´m not able to read all the text but some words is :"har framfört fyra oäkta barn"and it´s probably means he have had four children before she was married.

16-07-05, 22:10
I can see a year date at the bottom going thru the line, appears to be 1827, 1837.

I hope more of the text can be deciphered now.


Hasse Andtbacka
16-07-05, 23:03
My try:
Har framfödt fyra oägta barn
för? alla hafva pliktat för lägersmål
vid höste tinget 1827.

Has given birth to four children out of wedlock
has been fined for all (cases of) extramarital intercourse
at the fall court in 1827.

Hasse A

17-07-05, 06:10
Thank you Bert, Chuck and Hasse for the translation. She went on to have two more out of wedlock and never did marry.

Puzzles me though that this note was written in the 1831 - 1837 Rippikirjat and she only had three by 1827 according to the rippikirjat. The birth years are 1823, 1824, 1827, 1829, 1832 and 1835, unless there was one that died between 1824 and 1827, making a total of seven.