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Shirley King
15-07-05, 13:58
Hi everybody! I am back for the summer, at least and once again, I need your help. Last year or so Syrene posted this on my old thread.....
K-G Olin has one entry in his mining states book on Swedish Finns: and I translate
"The first Swedish Finns probably arrived in Butte (Montana) in the 1880's As of one of the true pioneers Johan Jakobson Punsar from Ytteresse is talked about. He arrived in 1886 and several years later was joined by his wife Anna Lovisa, born Jossgårk, and two daughters."
I have been looking for this Johan and Anna Lovisa for quite some time now and I can't seem to find them anywhere. I am sure if K-G wrote about them, there has to be some more information somewhere! I come from a long line of Jossgårks and I just gotta know about this couple. I am thinking that if Johan was a pioneer for the Finn Swedes, perhaps that is why many of the Jossgårks went to Idaho to begin with. (It is pretty close to Montana;) ) Any and all information is welcome. Thanks in advance. Shirley

Kaj Granlund
15-07-05, 20:54
Anna Lovisa is according to the marriage information I have entered from Raj farm (maybe she was living there as she emigrated).

Shirley King
17-07-05, 07:11
Thanks Kaj,
I saw this Anna Lovisa Raj on a couple of gedcoms on Talko and wondered if it was the same lady. Is Raj near Jossgårk? It also mentions 2 daughters. Being that this information isn't on any of the other gedcoms, I don't suppose you know who they are, huh?:D

Kaj Granlund
17-07-05, 17:04
HI Shirley. I'm on vacation now and don't know when I will be at the office to be able to check more. Raj is on a small hill on one side of the river and Jossgårk on the other side. But not close but there is sightcontact between Raj and Jossgårk.

Shirley King
18-07-05, 07:10
Thank you Kaj. Have fun on your vacation!:D

Kaj Granlund
23-07-05, 10:46
Checked it now. Anna Lovisa's mother was born at Raj farm and so was she and her sister (out of wedlock) But her mother married Hans Mattson born 24 sept 1834 he was originally born at Bränbacka farm and had a small crofter cottage at Jossgårk. So there again you just have the Jossgårk used as a place not a familyname.

Shirley King
23-07-05, 21:20
Oh Kaj,
Thank you so much for what you do for us! I would have probably gone to my grave wondering about this Anna Lovisa and how she was related. I do however have some Punsars popping up in my tree, so maybe I will run into Johan someday!
Thank you again and I will make sure I let Alice and Elsie know this info too! It is not too many more days and Alice will be in Finland, standing on Jossgårk soil! I am sooooo jealous;) .

Kaj Granlund
24-07-05, 20:29
Yes, hope I'll be around as she gets here but it seems We will be at our summerhouse in the south of Ostrobothnia (if it is sunny) It has been very rainy for one week here now.

26-07-05, 20:58
Courtesy of Swenson Swedish Immigration Center here in Rock Island,
I found your people:

Johan Jakobsson, b. 11.1.1859, Esse,
Anna Lovisa, b. 7.11.1858, Ytteresse,
Salma, b. 8.10.1890, Burlington MT,
Alma Elina, b. 7.9.1894, appears to be Neihart, MT in Cascade County, very lower end of the county.

The family left for Moffatt Colorado in 1911 but they do not appear on my dbase of Finnish born people in Colorado Swedish churches.


Shirley King
16-08-05, 06:23
A much delayed thanks to you, Chuck. This will come in handy if I do find that this Punsar is a relative!