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17-07-05, 20:07
My name is Susan and I have been researching my Family Tree for about a year.

My Grandmother, Edith Backman, knee Snabb came from Finland. My Mom, her daughter, didn't have much to go on as to where her Mom came from, but I have found out several things.
As this is suppose to be about me:

A single mom of a teenage girl - 16.5 yrs old
A Mom to 4 cats & 1 Budgie
A knitter
The explorer of my Familys' past which includes Finland, Sweden, Ireland & England
A blogger
I live on the West Coast of Canada - Burnaby
An office manager for a Rehabilitation Company

With my Family Tree, I have my Grandmothers' name, her 2 sisters, her brother, her father but I have not yet located her Mothers' name.


Hasse Andtbacka
17-07-05, 20:43
Hello Susan,

this is in the Talko database, from Göran Berglund's gedcom:

E.A. Snabb, married to Gustav Backman, b. 25 Dec 1904, d. 30 Sep 1990 in Coquitlam.

Johannes Johansson Snabb, b. 11 Jul 1875 in Björköby, d. 5 Feb 1953 in Björköby. Married 30 Jan 1898 to Lena Sofia Israelsdr Forsman, b. 28 Feb 1877 in Norra Vallgrund, Replot, d. 28 Jan 1909 in Björköby.

Johannes (Johan) Johansson Snabb, b. 10 Sep 1833 in Björköby, d. 1900 in Björköby. Married 21 Jan 1872 to Johanna Sofia Andersdr Skägg, b. 23 Aug 1850 in Björköby, d. 2 Jun 1932 in Björköby.

Israel Johansson Forsman, b. 26 May 1854 in Norra Vallgrund, d. 24 Oct 1918 in Norra Vallgrund. Married 1877 to Ulrika Johansdr Dahl, b. 6 Jan 1855 in Norra Vallgrund, d. 18 Oct 1896 in Norra Vallgrund.

This Ahnentafel goes back to Erik Nilsson (Snabb), who was born in Holmön, Sweden and died 12 Jun 1694 in Björköby.

Welcome to the Group! :p

Hasse Andtbacka

17-07-05, 21:05
Oh my Goodness - thank you so much!!!

That is my Grandma & Grandpa.

My Grandmas' full name was Edith Amanda and we always celebrated my Grandpas' birthday on Christmas, but he said he didn't know if that was his true birthday.

My Mom is going to be so surprised when I tell her all this.

Does this "Talko database, from Göran Berglund's gedcom" have other information. I would love to find out more about her sisters and brother.

Again, thank you so much. I am off to add this to my tree.


M. Waters
18-07-05, 05:58
Hi, I just came back from a family reunion (my husband's side), with new information, and now I find that this Erik Nilsson Snabb, mentioned in the foregoing messages, is my 8th great-grandfather, according to my FTM relationship calculator. Want to compare notes? Midge.

Shirley King
18-07-05, 07:18
If it is geneology you are interested in, this is the place to be. Welcome! I can already tell that you will be overwhelmed with the information you will get from these friends. Keep good notes and visit often is my advice to you. I went from only knowing my grandparents names, to a family line that takes me back to the 1500's. And the best part is......I have made so many friends, and lots of them are related!!! Prepare to have fun and thrills, it's better than hitting a jackpot!
Shirley King from Nevada

Jim Bailey
18-07-05, 18:55
Hi, Susan ----

Welcome to the List.

I hope I'm not stating the obvious or something you already know, but in your e-mail you ask: "Does this "Talko database, from Göran Berglund's gedcom" have other information? I would love to find out more about her sisters and brother."

There is so much on this wonderful website that it is easy to miss some of its features when you're new. The TALKO link is at the top of the page.

TALKO is a combined collection of all of our research. Hasse Nygård is the site manager, and I believe you contact him for log-in name and ID.

I'm like Shirley King: I started with the names of my great-grandparents and little else except some family "stories". Through the wonderful assistance of people on this list, and by "lifting" as much information as I can from TALKO, I too have several lines reaching back now to the late 1400s and 1500s.

My own data base now contains more than 9,000 names, most of them connected to me by blood or through marriage.

Again, welcome and all the best in your tracing family lines.

Very cordially,

Paivi T
18-07-05, 21:28
So you decided to join, glad to see you here and welcome to the list! Looks like you've already found your ancestry, congratulations!

Päivi T

19-07-05, 05:48
Overjwhelmed and overjoyed is how I am feeling right now:D

I started out with a little information about my Fathers' side (Irish/English) but never had much on my Mothers' but kept pushing her for more.

I found little things out but not much, but through searching the internet I found this wonderful place and so much information.

Hasse posted this and told me about the Talko site, and showed me some stuff that was on there - surprised to see myself & my daughter on the list. I have emailed the owner of the list to see how to join but haven't heard back yet.

Today, I got a copy of my Great-Uncle Antons' marriage certificate from Australia, and I am waiting for his Death Certificate.

Midge - maybe we are somehow related, I know that 2 of my Aunts went to the States in the mid-20's, Hilda & Hulda.

Well, I am going to go back to entering more stuff into my Family Tree.

Thanks for the wonderful welcome.


Shirley King
19-07-05, 09:15
Oh Dear Susan,
You are overwhelmed! And I don't expect you to soak this in all at once.......however, if you and Midge are related, it is probably from a few generations back, from ancestors in Finland. And my guess is that you are related to a great number of the Forum Members. When I first started here,I think it was June Pelo who figured out how many people in the Forum I was related to, and it was amazing. Over the last couple of years, I keep finding more and more relatives and although most are really distant relatives, it is a thrill to find out you are somehow related to these wonderful people. And by "comparing notes" as Midge said, and sharing information you may be able to trace your ancestry back several generation. This will surely impress your immediate family:D . Do you have a geneology program for your computer? I started out with one online from Ancestry.Com and graduated to Generations and now that I am really hooked, I use Family Tree Legends. Many of these programs are able to import and export data through a gedcom, and once you have one, Hasse can do his little miracle thingy that he does and get you into Talko! It is soooo cool! Many others do their little miracle thingys too, with ship manifests, census, swenson records, ...........oh you will find out! Many also have their own websites and you must check out the SFHS for some wonderful articles and info. There is a link at the bottom of this page for it. It is all very exciting, interesting, addicting, and just plain fun!!! Again welcome, and please take note of the fact that if you don't know something that is just being talked about or mentioned, just ask. I have asked a lot of really dumb questions with some very valuable results!
Shirley King

19-07-05, 17:40
Yes, overwhelmed. I logged on this morning at work (I don't start for 20 minutes) to email from 3 different places with more information.

I now have a password for the Talko, and great directions on how to do the file to gedcom. OH HELP - I tried to do the name and password that I got in the email and it says invalid and the email said that he was going away on a boat - is there anyone else that does the passwords or am I possibly doing something wrong?

I have the Legacy Program and this weekend, when I realized that I was getting more information on my Mothers' side, I split the Tree - one file for my Dad and his family and the other side for my Mom - who was actually alittle shocked the other day when I said that her Mom had more than 1 brother & 2 sisters.

I just want to go home now and work on my Tree but I have to work - darn!!!

But work I must now, so have a great day everyone.


24-07-05, 02:28
Well, I am in the talkco database, and had a question.

Alot of people are listed as being born in Norra Gurland - now I have googled, asked Jeeves and looked in an Atlas, but can't find where this is.

Is it a city or parish?

24-07-05, 10:49

Could you give an example from Talko. Tried to search for Gurland as the birth place but didn't find any.


24-07-05, 16:13
One of the names was

Maria Elisabeth Petter-Niklasdotter Dahl

Birth 23 Nov 1877 Norra Vallgrund

And while I am full of questions: I wondered are these are the same town, just different spellings?




Thanks again


Hasse Andtbacka
24-07-05, 16:45
These places are in the archipelago outside Vasa/Vaasa. I have checked your grandmother's anchestors, and they lived on these islands. Norra Vallgrund belongs to Replot parish, Björkö and Björköby is the same thing, situated outside Replot, closer to Sweden.
There is another Björkö in the Gulf of Finland, nowadays on the Russian side of the border. This place is not the home of your ancestors.

Hasse Andtbacka

24-07-05, 17:12
Ok, thank you very much. I am seeing my Mother this coming weekend at my sisters' 25th Anniversary, so I want to have alot of information for her as she didn't know about most of the people that are still living in Finland.

She always thought that she only had 1 or 2 cousins in the USA, but SURPRISE Mom - you have alot more than that.


M. Waters
27-07-05, 02:46
It's so nice to hear those names again...Replot, Björkoby, Södra Vallgrund, Norra Vallgrund, etc....I have visited 3 times to this area, and discovered more "cousins" and family places each time, thanks to the help of Hans Söderlund, Thorolf Aspholm, Gunne Lax, Bjarne (my 4th and 9th cousin) Lindfors, Walther Nissas, and others. Last June, Hans took me to Björköby, where he said everyone was related to me! And I met some of them, and visited their museum....I learned so much! And since there are so many inter-relationships in that part of the country, I feel that Susan and I, and others of you on the forum, will find links, too.
I must now take time out for FinnGrandFest, though....I'll be back to genealogy later. Midge, Negaunee (Shirley, this is how it is really spelled...those records must have been hard to read), Michigan.

Shirley King
27-07-05, 21:43
Thanks Midge,
I was born a troll not a yooper, however I have always had a problen spelling Michigan names and pronouncing them too!:( Say, Alice is on her way to Finland tomorrow, with her son Aaron. I am looking forward to lots of info. and pictures. I am soooo jealous!:D

28-07-05, 06:10
Well, I have mailed letters off to two cousins - daughters of my Grandma's older brother - can't wait to hear back from them.

And then on the Swedish side, I got an email from a cousin whose Great-Grandmother was the sister of my Great-Grandma on my Grandfathers' side from Sweden.

Looking at all the pictures of the different places, both in Finland and Sweden makes me so much want to visit, maybe I will have to enlarge my 50th birthday trip - I was going to go to England to see where my Dads' family came from, but now will have to add Finland and Sweden, better start saving now.

And I have am working on getting an online site so that I can put up all the information I find so that others in my family can see it and maybe I will find more relatives.


Shirley King
29-07-05, 04:50
You go girl!!!
A couple of years ago I had a writing assignment for an English class, (I have returned to college) and it had to be either 4, 5 page essays or 1, 20 page multigenre essay. I decided to write my family history, with the history of FInland, and included a fictional short story about my grandparents at the end. It ended up being 36 pages long, but it was my justification of researching my family during homework time.:D Then a cousin on my mothers side made a DVD, complete with pictures and naratives of his family. My sis and I thought that was so cool, this is going to be our project with the information of our Finnish heritage. She can put together the pictures, I will write the narrative, my other sister can speak the narative and my brother can put it all together!!! We also thought of a website, however we discovered that most our immediate cousins aren't as interested in this geneology stuff as we are, so we just settled on putting our gedcom on the forum to share with our geneology crazed distant cousins who appreciate all the hard work!!!

08-08-05, 03:24
Well, I have been working hard on getting my stuff all in order.

I sent a gedcom to Talko that will update the Snabb Family.

I have been talking with a cousin in Sweden, mailed 2 cousins in Finland.

But my most wonderful thing is that I have gotten my domain and a great new geneology program and am setting it up online for others to see and maybe find some more people to add to the Tree.

And what I like about this program, once I have it all set up, I can add Swedish to it, so people can choose - English or Swedish.

I am still adding pictures, documents, etc. but as soon as I have it ready, I will post a link here.


18-08-05, 05:49
I am still working on the database. I got alot of information from the Swedish side that I am inputting, and the weather has been hot here, so I haven't been working too hard.

But I had to see if I could post this picture I found tonight - it is my Great-Uncle Anton Snabb - it is his passport from 1927

passport (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v728/blogginb/My%20Family/antonlenartsnabbpass.jpg)