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Erik Sepänaho
18-07-05, 20:45
Hej på er!

Min mormorsfar hade fyra bröder som emigrerade i slutet av 1800-talet till "Amerika". De var:

Mårten Dahlqvist f. 18 juni 1846, emigrerade 1890 med hela familjen.

Herman Dahlqvist f. 27 januari 1855

Mickel/Mikael Dahlqvist f. 12 februari 1862.

Erik Rönndahl f. 25 januari 1852 emigrerade med hustrun.

De hade alla patronymikumet Johansson och var födda i Vörå, Finland och hade alla tidigare namnet Dahlkar.

Skulle vara roligt om någon kommit i kontakt med något av namnen "over there".

Erik Sepänaho

Korsnäs, Finland

June Pelo
18-07-05, 21:47

Many years ago I had contact with a woman who lived in Astoria, Oregon and her mother was Amanda Viola Söderlund, b. 1917, Stewart's Point, California, d. 1938, Boonville, California, daughter of Maria Hermansdotter Dahlqvist, b. 18 May 1881, Vörå, married to August Johan-Eriksson Söderlund, b. 4 Sep 1871, Bergö, Malax. Maria's father was Herman Johansson Dahlkarl-Dahlqvist, b. 27 Jan 1855, Vörå - the same Herman mentioned in your query.

Herman's brother Erik (Rundahl), b. 1852, married Maria Michelsdotter Ronn, b. 25 Jul 1849, Vörå. They lived in Wakefield and Ramsey, Michigan. Their daughter Brita Maria, b. 1882, Vörå, was married to August Johnson, b. 1875, Sweden. They lived and died in Bessemer, Michigan. I have no further information about any of these people. I'll send you a private message with the address of the woman who gave me this information.


June Pelo
19-07-05, 01:49

I've just contacted your relative here about your query and she's very happy to hear about you. She asked me to send you her address - and I sent it to you in a private message. She also wants me to send her family data to you, and I'll send you something also in a private message.


19-07-05, 04:14
go into delphi article collection at the top of the page, click on the most recently added articles text and then you will see Michigan material and in there find Gogebic County and maybe you will find some relatives joined a Swedish language church in that county. If you do find somebody there, give me a private message and I will go to Swenson center and find if there are more people for you. The dbase is only of Finnish born, not the American born kids.

Welcome to sfhs!