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20-07-05, 06:29
what would be the best way to try to learn to either speak or read Finnish.

I now have 2 addresses of family members, but I don't speak or read Finnish and I don't know how well they read English or write.

Is there a site that would show me how to write or translate Finnish, if it was easier for them.


Alf Blomqvist
20-07-05, 06:51

First you should find out if your relatives speak Finnish or/and Swedish...

Shirley King
20-07-05, 17:49
Just write your letters as you would. There will be someone they know that can translate them should they not read English......such as a daughter or son, grandchildren, etc. There are many people in Finland who CAN do English:D ! One of my very first contacts was with a man who recieved a blanket e-mail from me that I sent to every "contact address" on websites from the area I was from. I just asked for help and explained that my Swedish was very rusty. Everyone I heard from was very nice and understanding. However, if you would like to write an introduction, someone here will help you! Like Alf said tho, you need to know whether the language is Swedish or Finnish. They are both VERY different.

June Pelo
20-07-05, 19:59

When I first started writing to relatives in Finland I just wrote in English. Most of my relatives couldn't read English, but they said they took my letters to the bank and had them translated. Some relatives knew school children who translated for them. So language isn't a problem.


20-07-05, 20:48
Thank you for the advise. My sister said I just have to make sure that I don't write like I talk - which is very fast and I go from one subject to another, especially when I am excited.

I am getting some pictures together and hope to send out the letters this week.