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23-07-05, 00:36

Could anyone give me some information about these two emigrants:

- Anders Vilhelm Johnson Dalin (Andrew W. Johnson)
b. 1880-12-10 Pedersöre

Father: Johan Henriksson Dalin
Mother: Anna Sofia Eriksdotter Gunnila

and Andrew's wife:

- Amanda (Heselius?), born in Jakobstad

They emigrated to Duluth sometimes between 1905 and 1917 because Andrew was escaping from the russian army service (not so unusual at this time).

They have had at least one boy, Alvar.

No information about their death dates, but Andrew died first and Amanda died sometimes in the middle of 1950's after a visit in Finland.

Christian Dahlin

23-07-05, 10:06
Hi Christian,
On the MN Death Index
I found
1948-MN-017126, ANDREW, WILLIAM, JOHNSON, , , 04/06/1948, , WASHINGTON, ,
1943-MN-016719, ANDREW, , JOHNSON, , , 06/02/1943, , WASHINGTON, ,
1953-MN-017949, AMANDA, MATHILDA, JOHNSON, , , 07/31/1953, , WASHINGTON, ,
Unfortunately Johnson is a very popular name in Minnesota and there are no confirming details such as the birthdates listed.

If Andrew and Amanda could be located together on the 1930 census perhaps in Washington County perhaps???

23-07-05, 13:13
Thank you Jeanette! Amazing how quickly information can be acchieved!

Regarding to Amanda it seems that her death date is right. I've been told that she visited Finland in the summer (perhaps 1953) and she died only a few hours after she returned to America. I know that my uncle Runar lived in her house when he emigrated to America in 1953. Runar lived the rest of his life in America and unfortunately I didn't ask him to tell about his life in America very much.

Amanda was a widow when she died, so I have two suggestions for Andrews death date. I think myself that the first one is right, because his name was Anders Wilhelm (Andrew William).

There is a chance that their son Alvar is still in life and perhaps he has a family. I don't know, but I'd like to figure it out.

From an old photo I found out that Andrew and Amanda had contact with another family in Duluth. The other man was Henrik Johnson (Henry Johnson) but they were not related very close, only at the same age and from the same village, Dalabäck.

24-07-05, 11:17
I was looking for a Genealogy site in Washington County, MN which might help more. The Washington County GenForum may be helpful http://genforum.genealogy.com/mn/washington/
On one thread there is a woman with the surname of Johnson offering "Will take cemetery photos in Washington County" dated 5/12/04. She also will do lookups for Births Deaths and Marriages at very reasonable prices which could be helpful just in case the two I found aren't the correct people. There is also mention of a Swedish Andrew Johnson wifes name Julia in another thread.:)

Some other sites


Karen Norwillo
24-07-05, 20:21
I found your Andrew and Amanda on both the 1920 and 1930 census for Duluth, St Louis, MN
1920 310 53rd Ave West, Duluth, MN
Johnson, Andrew, head, age 39, married, US 1902, Finland, Swedish, laborer, blast furnace
Johnson, Amanda, 35, married, US 1904, Fin. Swedish
Stenback, Alfred, lodger, 30, married, Fin. Swede, laborer, iron worker

1930 308 N 50th? Ave West, Duluth
Johnson, Andrew, owns home, cost 5000, 49, married at 27, Finn/Swede, can't get occupation
Johnson, Amanda' 44, married at 22, Finn/Swede
Johnson, Oliver, 9, MN
Clark, John, roomer, 36, single, Finn
Edison, Gust, roomer, 53, single, Finn
Wolfe, Adolph, roomer, 52, div., MN
Possibly Oliver is really Alvar, kinda sounds alike to an untrained ear.
I found 2 Amanda Johnson's in the MN Death Index who died in 1953 in St Louis, MN
Amanda Elis Johnson, 8 Jul 1953
Amanda Wilhelmina Johnson, 29 Jun 1953
Hope this helps. Karen

June Pelo
25-07-05, 18:29
I saw the name Gust Edison as a roomer in the Johnson home. Bob Gerow, are you still on Finlander? Is Gust your relative?


26-07-05, 21:04
Andrew Johnson, b. 11.12.1880 at Pedersöre
Amanda Johnson, b. 5.24.1884 at Pedersöre
Alvar Andrew Johnson, b. 1.26.1921 at Duluth, MN.

they were dropped in 1916 and received again in late 1921. Funeral pages are thru 1934 and neither is found there.

Anton Dalin, b. 10.26.1882 at Pedersöre was received in 1905, emigrated in 1902, dropped - no date. I don't know if he's of interest for you.


27-07-05, 19:47
Oliver could be the same as Alvar. This Oliver is my fathers cousin! This proves that I can trust my father's words. No one else here knew his name but my father thought that the boy on the photo had the name Alvar.

Anton Dahlin is Andrews cousin and he lived in America only for a few years, because he escaped from the Russian army too, just like Andrew did. Anton returned to Finland later and had a family in Jakobstad.

Let's see if I can find any second cousins to myself in Duluth! Perhaps the church can help me?

27-07-05, 22:43
The member info I put online with the image is all that Swenson had.

Here is the url of the elca churches of which that Duluth church or its successor is likely a member. Good luck with that!

I'm glad I mentioned Anton to you - no wife, etc, just the minimal info I gave you but he was a member which was nice to see.

28-07-05, 00:47
Hi Christian,
With all this new information. The Andrew and Amanda I found on the MN Death Index in Washington are probably not yours.
Here are some sites which may help you find out more
The St Louis County, MN Genweb
This site has its own county death index where you can see all the deaths in the county for over a number of years together which will make searching much easier. You could then compare the names/dates to the MN Death Index listings. I have seen differences in Spellings and extra names ie middle or middle initial
occur by comparing the two lists before.
Amongst the myriad of links here, is a School Class Lists where you may find Alvar/Oliver listed.
Iron Range Research Centre
The Iron Range Research Center contains one of the largest collections of genealogical and local history research materials in the upper Midwest.
Hopefully between these sites you will turn up some helpful.

I did a search at SSDI for Johnson born 26 Jan 1921 there were
27 results. This possibility -although your Alvar may still be alive
OLIVER JOHNSON 26 Jan 1921 Jun 1974 (not specified) (none specified) 704-12-3724 Long-time or retired railroad workers
Again there is no confirming details to show whether this is the man you seek.
From the MN Death Index
JOHNSON, OLIVER A. certid# 1974-MN-016685
Date of Birth: 01/26/1921 | Place of Birth: MINNESOTA
Mother Maiden Name: GRANDLAID
Date of Death: 06/30/1974 | County of Death: ST. LOUIS
Now that you know Amandas date and place of birth you may be able to establish whether Grandlaid is her maiden name.

On the 1910 census index cd Scandinavians in the US Federal ...
I found
Surname: DAHLIN | Given Name: ANTON
Age: 28 | Sex: M | Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
County: DOUGLAS | Locality: LAKESIDE
T624-Roll: 1707 |Part: 1 |Page: 97 |Subpage: A
State: WI
The age isn't quite correct.

28-07-05, 01:21
If he returned prior to 1910, then this guy in Wisconsin isn't him

28-07-05, 09:53
According to my information Anton lived in America between 1904 and 1911. Anton had a brother Axel and a sister Ida Johanna (m. Runquist) in Duluth.

28-07-05, 20:05
Jeanette asked me to check on this guy and found him for sure, along with Axel and his wife Anna.


29-07-05, 10:49
Thanks to Chucks last posting Axel & Anton & the Runquists have been located in Wisconsin.
Found at
Lakeside Cemetery,
Lakeside, Douglas County, Wisconsin
Surname Given |Birth |Death |Map Location |Date
Dahlin Anna |1874 |1949 | A1 |9/29/01
Dahlin Axel |1872 |1953 | A1 |9/29/01
Runquist Ida J. |1877 |1940 | B10 |9/29/01
Runquist Gust G. | 1879 |1947 | B10 |9/29/01
Other Runquist names found in this cemetery
Runquist Albert |1905 |1967 |B10 |9/29/01
Runquist May R. |1907 |1970 | B10 |9/29/01
Runquist Matt |1882 |1957 | B10 |9/29/01

The following link shows the complete transcription from the 1930 census
Scroll down to page 246B people no.s 64 through 70
They live next door to each other.
Gust and Ida Runquist have 3 children (Esther K,15, Maria C, 14 & Felix G,13)all born in Wisconsin.

A terrific site where all the above was found.
On the lookups link is mention of a Twin Ports Genealogical Society - St Louis County, MN & Douglas County, WI.

http://www.douglascountywi.org/generalinfohours/countyhistory/countyhistory.htm History and links for Douglas County

29-07-05, 17:56
Just beneath the Dahlins on the census are these people who may be related to Anna:
Runquist, Gustav - head, age hard to read
wife Ida, age 33
dau Ingred T (or J) age 6
son Robert age 4
Gustav, father, age 65

CORRECTION 7-29-05: I think the son is Albert, not Robert.

Is that last Gustav the first guys father?


30-07-05, 04:06
Found at the Gen Soc of Finland
An article about the establishment of the Baptist Church in Lakeside. The first person mentioned is Axel Dahlin.
Lakeside Baptist Church, Wentworth, Wis.

Residents of Finnish Heritage in Douglas County, Wisconsin - 1910 Federal Census
A partial transcription from the 1910 census confirming the sons name as Albert. Dahlins are no 142, Runquists 143.

Edit :Also located
Missionsposten - Subscribers List, June 1910
Dahlin, Axel, Wentworth WI
Rönnkvist, Gust, Wentworth WI

Missionsposten - Subscribers List, June 1940
Dahlin, Axel, R. F. D. 1, P.O. Box 39, Wentworth WI
Ronnquist, Gust, P.O. Box 37, Wentworth WI
Ronnquist, Matt, P.O. Box 38, Wentworth WI *

Matt also appears on the 1910 census as no.146
He has Finland/R listed while the others have Finland/S


30-07-05, 05:41

LAKE NEBAGAMON Douglas WI 1902 was the first year of a post office and it still exist.

Lakeside must have been a community of some sort.

I can check at Swenson next Tuesday.


04-09-05, 03:23
Hi Christian,
At the St Louis County, MN Genealogy Website is a lookup page which has on offer lookups in the Polk's 1942 Duluth City Directory, 1944 Polk's Duluth City Directory and 1955 Polk's Duluth City Directory perhaps these will help establish whether
Andrew and Amanda were still living at the same address in Duluth as they had been in the census listings.