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Shirley King
23-07-05, 22:09
Here is my new quest!
As I was fiddeling around on the ellis island site, I came across a man named Leander Jasgarth so I was curious of course. However I could not find the manifest for the ship. He had come across on the Arizonia May 15, 1893 and the link to this page did not work. So I contacted Ellis Island and a researcher found this lost manifest. I had to go through a Jewish site to read it, but it was really Leander Jasgark. He was 23 years old and came from Helsingfors going to Naugauee, Michigan. He traveled with a 36 year old lady named Maria J. Sundell (?) also going to Naugauee. I know this is Midge Waters territory (hint hint) who is probably really busy with Finn Fest, but can someone help me with a Jossgårk in Helsingfors? That is a few miles away from home, I would say!
Thanks in advance.
Shirley King

M. Waters
27-07-05, 02:32
Hi...Yes, things are humming here, with all the preparations for FinnGrandFest....but I still do my volunteer afternoons on Thursdays at Peter White, so I will see if I can find some trace of these people. We have just moved to camp (cottage, cabin, sommarstuga, etc.) at Lake Kawbawgam, where I don't quite have e-mail yet. My new set-up at home is where I collect my e-mail once or twice a week, and my middle-aged computer isn't yet speaking to my phone line...some tweaking to be done yet. If we can't make it work, I will re-install my ancient computer, which followed my orders nicely, although slowly.

If anyone on the Forum would like to attend the Swede-Finn breakfast in Marquette on August 13th during FinnGrandFest, please e-mail me before August 9th, when I have to turn in the number of reservations. Good food, good company, and even some music.

Hälsningar, från Midge.