View Full Version : Surnames with -back/backa

June Pelo
24-07-05, 01:48
In middle Ostrobothnia, especially in Terjärv, a lot of names ended with -backa. Examples are: Granbacka, Hästbacka, Kvarnbacka, Långbacka, Långsjöbacka, Nybacka, Manderbacka, Österbacka, Sandbacka, Storbacka, Timmerbacka, and Wistbacka, as well as Backa.

In the southern part of Ostrobothnia (Kvevlax, Närpes, Vörå), the names ended with -back: Granback, Nyback, Westrback, Back, etc.


Alice Finnerty
24-07-05, 04:47
Hi June - Do you know why or how this comes about - I have seen backa in my family history.
Thanks for the information - Alice

24-07-05, 11:10
The language is a little bit different between villages in Ostrobotnia. There is no other explanation to these different names.