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June Pelo
25-07-05, 18:43
Does anyone know what happened to Johan Alfred Alexandersson Herlevi, b. 16 Sep 1870, Ullava, came to the US and probably died 6 Jul 1924 in Ironwood, MI? or in Wisconsin? or did he go to Ohio?


Karen Norwillo
25-07-05, 23:50
June, I found several references to a John Herlevi, but they all have his dob as 19 Mar 1875.
Found a John Herlevi on the 1910 census in Bessemer, MI. Age 34, Finn, iron miner , married to Emilia, age 32, Finn, US 1895. Daughter, Sandra, age 12, born OH
1920 and 1930 census has them in Ashtabula, OH. John is 44 (54) and Emilia is 42 (52). 1930 has her name as Helen E. Herlevi. 1920, John is a car repair, wood car. 1930, he is a sewer contractor, private homes. Also found him in the Ashtabula County Naturalization records, 1875-1906. 1920 census has him nat. in 1903.
Sandra Helivi, born 5 Feb 1899 and died Feb 1977 in Ashtabula. Couldn't find anyone to match a 1870 birthdate. Karen

June Pelo
26-07-05, 02:04
Thanks, Karen,

That could be him - I've learned that birthdates aren't always what people say they are. Seems like they either don't know or are guessing. I know that one of my old cousins lived most of his life without knowing his birthdate was wrong.