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27-07-05, 17:19
Hello all from Alaska! I am extremely new at all this genealogy stuff and it does seem a little overwhelming. I was fortunate yesterday (my first day at this) to find some info on a name in my bible my mother had started.

I am looking for relatives or information of Otto Pikkarainen, born in 1871 in Finland. He was married to a lady by the name of Amanada. My mother was Otto's granddaughter. I would like to be in contact with anyone on this topic...it is very interesting to say the least!!

Thank you for your time and interest..Take care, have a great day.

Shirley King
27-07-05, 21:10
Welcome to the Forum where many of your research dreams may come true! There are many helpful people who belong to this forum and it would not surprise me if you get alot of information really fast, however because it is summertime and many people are vacationing, please be patient. In the meantime, why don't you visit the link below at the Swedish Finnish Historical Society where there are many interesting articles about Finn Swedes! You never know what you may come across!:)
Again, Welcome and good luck!
Shirley King

27-07-05, 22:11
I'm sorry, but I did not see a link below. Am I just not used to navigating around in this new forum?


27-07-05, 23:35
click it and you get to this place.
I think that's the one being written about.
And welcome to sfhs:)