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21-09-03, 18:59
Seeking information on Adolf Fredrik (Soderlund) Sandstrom and relatives: My mother's father was Edward Martin (baptized Edward Amatus) Sandstrom, son of Adolf Fredrik (Soderlund) Sandstrom, born (illegitimate??) Dec. 28, 1839, in Esbo. His mother was Gustava Andersdotter (Lenasdotter) Sandstrom, first one in family with surname Sandstrom. Adolf Fredrik's father is unknown to us. Gustava Andersdotter (Lenasdotter) Sandstrom, born 28 Sept. 1811 (also illegitimate?? Place and date of death unknown) was daughter of Magdalena Mattsdotter, born 21 August 1772, in Tenala, died 1 May 1849 in Tenala, daughter of Matts Mattsson and Maria Hansdotter. The father of Gustava Andersdotter (Lenasdotter) Sandstrom is unknown.
Adolf Fredrik married Engla Agatha Winsten in 1866 in Bromarf. Their children were Ida Emilia, Adolf Alexius, Engla Aurora, Fredrik Albert, Karin Maria, John Edvin, August Severin, Karl Emil, Edward Amatus (my grandfather), Oskar Alfred, Artur Elis, and Alexandra Euferina. Only four of the children emigrated to America --- Ida Emilia (married Emil Winberg of Cedarville, MI), Engla Aurora (moved eventually to Los Angeles), Edward Amatus (my grandfather), and Oskar Alfred. I have photograph of Oskar Alfred, taken in Cadillac, MI, and a family story states he died in knife fight in lumber camp in 1929 (where? circumstances?). My mother said Oskar Alfred was the black sheep of family and often used a Finnish name so as not to embarrass family. Thus, if his death certificate bears an unfamiliar name, it will be very difficult to locate time and place of death.
I am in contact with Ornulf Herbert ("Uffe") Sandstrom (grandson of Artur Elis) of Espoo, Finland, and I owe a tremendous debt to him for a truly stupendous amount of family information. I would be willing to share family information which Uffe has traced back to 1672 and which I have traced back a bit further.