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30-07-05, 23:40
Yes, Gustaf Rönnqvist born abt 1845 emigrated to Wisconsin with his family including his boy Gust Runquist, b. 1879 (married Ida Johanna Dahlin). Matt Runquist was probably another boy in the same family. One girl, Anna Lena Runquist married Axel Dahlin (Ida Johanna's brother).

01-08-05, 22:42
At the top - 1920 census page
Axel and Anna Dahlin followed by the Runquists, Gust, Ida, Ingrid, Albert, Lily, Eliel ? (daughter), Esther, Maria, and Felix and separately Matt Runquist.
At the bottom - 1930 census page
Runquist, Gust, Ida J, Esther K, Maria C, and Felix.
Then we have Axel and Anna Dahlin. On the next sheet we have Matt Rundquist and he has a lodger, Herman Matson.