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June Pelo
01-08-05, 02:55
I have the following request for help:

I am looking for any information Juho Alexandersson Herlevi, Born 16 Sept 1870, In Ullava, Vaasa, Finland, Parents: Father - Alexander Johansson Herlevi-Puumala born 13 June 1847, Kaustinen, Vaasa, Finland, Died 17 March 1902, Ullava, Vaasa, Finland, Mother-Susanna Jerimiasdotter Herlevi, Born 22 Feb 1834, Ullava, Vaasa, Finland, Died 20 May 1881, Ullava, Vaasa, Finland. Brother Josef Alexandersson Herlevi(My grandfather) Born 27 April 1873, Ullava, Vaasa, Finland, Died 03 Nov 1919, Iron Belt Wisconsin, USA. Juhon Alfred came to America Probably in the 1890's and died in the USA on 06 July 1924. I am wondering where he may have died in the USA and any information anyone may have on his family.

Josef Alexandersson Herlevi and his wife Emma Andersdotter Herlevi-Skyyte came to the USA via Nova Scotia, Canada in May of 1900 settling In Iron Belt, Wisconsin USA. It is possible that Johan Alfred Herlevi may have lived in the Northern Michigan area. Other children of Alexander Johansson Herlevi-Puumala from his second marriage also settled in the Ironwood, Bessemer, Michigan Area and Iron Belt, Wisconsin area. They were Alexander Alexandersson Herlevi, Iron Belt, Wisconsin, Selma Herlevi-Hill, Bessemer Michigan, and Mrs Swantee Nartunen, Bessemer, Michigan.


Hasse Andtbacka
01-08-05, 06:32
I guess Waino Herlevi is the person who is asking. All information I have about the Herlevi family is from him.

Hasse Andtbacka

01-08-05, 07:09
Hi June,
Here is a listing of all Herlevi found in the 1910 census index.


01-08-05, 07:38
Found at the MattsonWorks Genealogy Project site
1928 Town of Knight, Iron Belt, Wisconsin
b/ and g/ = number of boys or girls at home under 16 years of age
Herlevi Elexander married Iron Belt miner g/2 h l
Herlevi Olavi laborer home
Herlevi Emma Mrs Iron Belt housewife b/2
Herlevi Richard logger home
Herlevi Emma home
Herlevi Elma home
Herlevi Esther home
Herlevi John J married Iron Belt

Gogebic Range City Directories 1938 Town of Knight Wisconsin
Herlevi Alexander (Fina) Iron Belt laborer logging camp G Ahonen
Herlevi Elizabeth Iron Belt maid Ironwood Mich
Herlevi John J (Lillian) Iron licit pensioner U S Government
Herlevi Oliva Iron Belt laborer section Soo Line
Herlevi Reino Iron Belt laborer section Soo Line
Herlevi Tena Iron Belt at home

1947 Knight ... Village of Iron Belt
Herlevi, Alexander (Fina) ...
Herlevi, Oiva ... laborer
Herlevi, Reino (Mary) ... miner, Montreal Mine (3)
Herlevi, Richard ... laborer


June Pelo
01-08-05, 21:37

Thank you again for your diligence. I'll pass the info. along. And Hasse, yes, it is Waino who is looking for his relatives.


Karen Norwillo
01-08-05, 22:29
June, Found a wealth of info on Ancestry.

1900 census MI,Gogebic, Ironwood
Herlevi, Joseph, Apr 1863, 37, married 3 yrs. FI, US 1900, daylaborer. Wife Emma, ?Apr 1866, 34, FI

1910 census, WI, Iron, Knight, Joseph, 36, Emma, 33, 6 children, 4 living, John ?S, 9, Joseph R, 6, Emma E, 4, and E???, daughter, 2
Joseph has no job and is listed as town charge.

1930 census WI, Iron, Knight, Road #5
Herlevi, Alexander, 44, married 21, FI, 1901, miner, iron mine
Josephine, 44, m 21, FI, 1907
Oiva, son, 21, WI, laborer, section
Reino, 14
Rauha, 12
Tena, 9
Richard, 1
Makynen, Ina, daughter, 18
Makynen, John, son-in-law, 22, OH, farm laborer
Korpi, Florence, 22, boarder, WI

WWI Draft Cards WI, Iron
Alexander Herlevi, June 5, 1885, miner, wife Fiina Herlevi, Iron Belt, WI
Boston Passenger List May 1903, line 16, Alexander Herlevi, 17, laborer, going to Iron Belt, WI to brother Joseph Herlevi.

SSDI, Oiva Herlevi, 1 Sep 1908-Sep 1971 in King, Waupca, WI. RR Board
Reino Herlevi, 1 Mar 1916-Sep 1984, Iron Belt, WI
Richard Herlevi, 26 Sep 1903-Jun 1985, Ashland, WI

Elma Herlevi, married 8 Feb 1907, Iron, WI. Wisc. Marriages
John Jaimer Herlevi, 17 Feb 1901, Iron Belt, WI-18 Jul 1970, Price, UT. Utah Cemetery Inventory. Buried Scofield Cemetery.
I'm sure there's more, I just ran out of steam. Karen

Karen Norwillo
02-08-05, 00:02
June, A few more finds. Found mention of a John Herlevi in the 1875-1906 Ashtabula County Gen. Society naturalization records.

1910 census found in Bessemer, Gogebic, MI
Herlevi, John, 34, FI, US 1885, miner
Emilia, 34, FI. Sandra, 12, OH

1920 census Ashtabula, OH
Herlevi, John, 44, US 1898, FI and wife Emilia, 42. He repairs wood cars.
No John Herlevi to match 1870 birth.

1930 census for Bessemer, Gogebic, MI
Hill, Matt, 52, married at 24, FI, US 1896, operator lumber camp
Hill, Selma J, 46, married at 19, FI, US 1899
Hill, Konstu, 20, nephew, FI, bookkeeper, lumber camp
Korki, Elvi, 14, boarder, MI

The Gogebic Range Gen. Society has obits available for Selma and Matt from the Ironwood Daily Globe for a small fee. Also for Konstu Hill, died 8 Jan 2001.
SSDI has Selma J. Hill, 17 Oct 1883-11May 1973 in Wakefield, MI. res. Bessemer, MI.

Can't find anything on Swante Nartunen to trace Mrs. without her first name.

02-08-05, 11:37
Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued
JOHN MAKYNEN 14 Dec 1907 Dec 1979 44048 (Kingsville, Ashtabula, OH) (none specified) 268-01-1808 Ohio
INA MAKYNEN 30 Aug 1911 Dec 1981 44048 (Kingsville, Ashtabula, OH) (none specified) 280-24-4479 Ohio
JOHN MAKYNEN 21 Jul 1930 Mar 1979 (not specified) 44048 (Kingsville, Ashtabula, OH) 284-26-2724 Ohio


June Pelo
02-08-05, 19:11
Thank you, Karen and Jeanette. More interesting data to look over and digest.


Mark Barnabo
04-03-06, 06:16
Concerning the search for Herlevis who settled in Iron Belt Wisconsin:

Alexander and Fina Herlevi's daughter Esther is my maternal grandmother (she passed away Aug 2005).

If Waino Herlevi is still looking for stateside relatives, I can definitely steer him in the right direction.

Mark Barnabo

By the way, thank you to all the contributors! This was a wealth of info for me as well.

June Pelo
04-03-06, 19:03
Thanks, Mark. I sent your message on to Waino and asked him to contact you.


28-04-13, 22:56
June, A few more finds. Found mention of a John Herlevi in the 1875-1906 Ashtabula County Gen. Society naturalization records.

1910 census found in Bessemer, Gogebic, MI
Herlevi, John, 34, FI, US 1885, miner
Emilia, 34, FI. Sandra, 12, OH

1920 census Ashtabula, OH
Herlevi, John, 44, US 1898, FI and wife Emilia, 42. He repairs wood cars.
No John Herlevi to match 1870 birth.

Herlevi John was my paternal great-grandpa's brother.

June Pelo
29-04-13, 00:17
Have you had any contact with Waino Herlevi... he lives in Utah, I think, and is quite knowledgeable about the Herlevi name. I have his e-mail address if you don't have it.

29-04-13, 14:02
June, could you put me in touch with Waino Herlevei. Lisa Herlevi was my 6th great grandmother. Anyone else with Herlevi ancestry, please contact me. Thanks, Kathy

June Pelo
29-04-13, 16:07

Here's his address: Waino Herlevi <wherlevi*gmail.com>

29-04-13, 23:35
Thank you, June.

Edit: Here's someone looking for John Alfred Herlevi-Puumala: http://genforum.genealogy.com/cgi-bin/pageload.cgi?Belt::mt::6249.html

June Pelo
29-04-13, 23:53
Thanks.. I think that person is in Waino's family... I'll send the website to him.

June Pelo
01-05-13, 21:42

I told Waino about your query and he's hoping to hear from you... and from anyone else searching for Herlevi. Someone on another forum posted a query about a Herlevi who happens to be Waino's grandfather's brother.. I asked that person to contact me but so far she hasn't... Waino is hoping to hear from her.. he has information for her.