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Kay Voth
02-08-05, 22:29
I recently retired from 30 years with the City Government, and in the last two years have a wealth of information concerning my roots in Finland, those of Simonsson/Stor and Grann/Haga/Spikbacka. My cousin in Kronoby has sent everything to me concerning my relatives, that I did not know I had. I like to take pictures of the ocean, read, write letters, and go to a cooking class locally. Someday I do hope to come to Finland and see my Grandmother's and Grandfather's homesites.

Hasse Andtbacka
02-08-05, 23:41
Hello Kay,
welcome to the forum!
Håkan Spikbacka is my relative and good friend, I am informed about your Grann ancestors.

Hasse Andtbacka

June Pelo
03-08-05, 02:23
Hi Kay, Glad to see you're navigating around the Forum. Welcome and hope you enjoy it.


Kay Voth
03-08-05, 03:15
Well, if you are Hakan's cousin, then you no doubt are mine too How nice you know of my Grann relatives also. I hope you are enjoying your summer. It is grand here in Oregon. I must tell a cousin here in Coos Bay what I have done by signing up for this forum. she is 92 and the last one of the family cousins left on my Grandmother's side.

18-09-05, 14:10
Hello Kay!

And welcome to the Forum of helpful people all over the world!

When you mentioned your relatives in Kronoby I could not keep from writing you. My wife is from Kronoby and she was born Storvall. But her ancestors carried both the names Stoor and Spikbacka. In fact her father was born on the Spikbacka farm. There is another family living in the house today.

So it seems that you may be related to her. It would be interesting to know the names of the people who emigrated to America from your family so I can catch your relationship to her.

I have my own relatives in Astoria, who I have found thanks to this forum. They are for example the owners of The Gustafson Logging Company. But I know that there are a lot of these Gustafson descendants in the northwest of USA and I am trying hard to get in contact with them. Perhaps you could sometimes help me with these contacts?

Christian Dahlin, Pedersöre, Finland

Kay Voth
22-09-05, 18:03
I looked in my huge family book of the Haga's, and do see many Storvalls, so possibly along the line we could be related. My grandmother was Helena Sofia Grann, daughter of Leander Abrahamsson Bastubacka Eldsbacka Grann. (Why do they have so many names is beyond me). She came to Michigan USA in 1903 with her first husband, ViKtor Aleksanteri Hanhikoski and son,Evald Johannes Hanhikoski. Her husband died just months after she arrived. Later she married Anders Viktor Simonson Stor, born in Kronoby. This is/was my grandfather. He changed his name to Victor Backlund when he came to the USA in 1899. He and my Grandmother lived in Bandon, Oregon (USA) from the early 1900's. My Grandmother's Mother was Greta Johans.dr. Abbor and her Mother was Greta Lisa Gabrielsdr.Haga

My Grandmother, and several brothers all immigrated to Oregon and came to Coos Bay area. Also, my Grandfather and several of his brothers and one sister all came to USA. Matts Simonson remained in Minnesota, Thure Simonson came to Bandon, Oregon and their sister Edla Stor lived in Bandon and Coos Bay. Her married name was Johnson. Husband Matts. (Name changed to Johnson)..

I see many Gustafson's listed in the Astoria phone directory: Clay, D.M., Don and Renee, Duane, Effie, Eric, Mark, Richard, Vance, Wilhard and Wade. And several more in Seaside and Warrenton, close by Astoria. I will be going to Finn Fest '06 in Astoria. Also have gone to two of their Scandavian Festivals.

Let me know of the Storvall and I will see if that person is in the Haga family book I have..


25-09-05, 20:16
Helena Sofia Grann
Anders Viktor Simonson Stor, born in Kronoby changed to Victor Backlund

Her bro Thure Simonson came to Bandon, Oregon
Edla Stor lived in Bandon and Coos Bay. Her married name was Johnson. Husband Matts. (Name changed to Johnson)..

K-G Olin wrote the book Egen Lyckas Smed or Make your own Luck! a couple of years ago, and includes some of your family in it, much from the census records which you have evidently already researched. He notes you as one of the resources for info on Thure and Edla.
Anders Victor Backlund, living in Marshfield while a member in the lodge Suomi No. 1. Born in Hopsala,c ame to USA 1900, worked in the woods in Minnesota. An invalid after a car accident. His obituary is evidently in the Leading Star for 1966.
Welcome to Finlander!
Syrene Forsman, SFHS

Kay Voth
25-09-05, 23:06
Hello: I just read your post about my family, and of course, I do have it all now also. I live here in Coos Bay all my life (born in Bandon), and Great Uncle Thure Simonson (brother to Victor Backlund), and my Grandma, Sofie all were a part of my life.. Yes, I met K-G Olin also. I also have found the graves of my Grandmother's two brothrs, Leander Grant and Herman Grant. Edla Simonson Stor Johnson is also in this old cemetery along with her husband. It is locked until Memorial Day due to vandlism. I can't wait till next Memorial Day to go trudging around in there. One of the last living first generation Grann's (Grants in USA) died in May of this year. Elvie Grant Phair. She lived in Lynnwood, Wa..102 years old. No children, so end of her lineage.
Thanks for sharing the information on what you found...

03-10-05, 02:35
Hi Kay,

Thank you for your previous message. Can't help you with your research but wanted to say hello from Thunder Bay. I had been intending to reply for a while but life has been intruding on my hobbies. Unfortunately I don't know your pen pal Impi whom you say lives here. There are a lot of Finns and people with Finnish ancestry living in our fair city. Our topography and climate are very reminiscent of Finland. .
Good luck with your genealogy.


13-10-05, 21:03
Until 2000 my wife and I also lived in Coos Bay. The city where my ancestor (eventually) landed, Otto Gustafsson. It was in Coos Bay where I began the research on my family as well, leading me to new friends and fun experiences. Here's hoping you find the same