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K-G Molander
05-08-05, 08:11
I'm searching for "Port of Arrival" for Karl Hjalmar Molander, born 2 Jun 1891 Brännkärr, Nedervetil, Finland.

Although the ship's name from Liverpol is Campania, I have been unable to find his name at Ellis Island.
Below is data found on internet (Institute of Migration):
Hjalmar Molander. Age 19.
Port of departure: Hangö (Hanko)
Destination: Duluth, MN, USA
Price of ticket: FIM364
Ship from Finland: Astraea. Date of departure: 28 May 1910
Ship from (Liverpol) England: Campania, Cunard Line. Date of departure: 4 Jun 1910.
Found death record on internet at St. Louis County, Minnesota webpage. Record # 616.

Additional data taken from Death Certificate:
Residence: 2801 West Sup. st. (Superior Street), Duluth.
Place of death, Saint Marys Hospital. Age 35y 25d. Cause of death, Sun Stroke.
Ocupation, Laborer.

Birth date is given as 2 Jun 1892, which is an error. Correct year is 1891. Thus, correct age is 36y 25d.

The grave is at Location: G - 11 - 72. Park Hill Cemetery, 2500 Vermilion Rd. Duluth, Minnesota.
At my visit, no marker of any kind found for the grave. Conclusion, exact location lost, only general area known. Burial records list "Nearest friend as A. Westerlund"

05-08-05, 20:23
Campania 1893 1914 converted to aircraft carrier, 1918 broke her moorings in gale in the Firth of Forth and was sunk in collision with HMS REVENGE. picture 12,950

Shows the picture

OK, not much use finding your guy. I checked ancestry passenger lists for Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and misc Atlantic and Gulf ports plus the Canadian lits with no luck whatsoever.

Your Hjalmar was buried from the Bethel Lutheran Church (Swede-Finn) at Duluth funeral on June 29, 1927.