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Kaj Granlund
05-08-05, 21:10
Can somebody find any information on Lauri Väinö Juhani Lausas. He was born 12 Jan 1924 in Finland and died 9 Nov 1990 somewhere in the USA. His fathers name was Väinö Johannes (can that indicated he used Johnson in the USA?) His mother born Rosenblad. This might be to little information to be of any help to find anything about him.

10-08-05, 20:39
what might Väinö have been translated to in English?


Kaj Granlund
10-08-05, 21:56
Might be George. But you never know...

10-08-05, 22:35
nope, not George, that one is Yrjö.

My father is George and he is Yrjö on the church book.

How about Walter?

10-08-05, 23:42
A relative of mine was Väinö and went by the name Wayne, another posibility.

11-08-05, 14:16
I've seen listings for both Vaino and Waino in the SSDI.

Kaj Granlund
11-08-05, 16:49
or Walter or Willy or.... that is a needle!!!:(

11-08-05, 23:28
The image says it all.

Juhani Lausas
20-10-05, 16:42
It happens that Lauri was my uncle and he died in Burnaby, Canada on October the 1st 1990.
His eldest son Vesa Lausas lives in Rovaniemi (the last I heard from him) and his three sons of his second marriage live in Canada.
What's your interest in him? I used to spend a couple of summers in Esse (Lappfors & Humla) in the 1950s.

20-10-05, 20:11
I've had a posting like that happen before with a Matts Nylund. I had found the wrong couple but maybe a year later they fit a new posting so Juhani, you might have a fun conversation with Kaj:)
We will all want to know how this turns out:)

Juhani Lausas
22-10-05, 13:58
It turns out Kaj is my 4th cousin once removed. Now we're busy swapping data back and forth. His interest in my uncle proved quite fruitful for both of us.

Kaj Granlund
02-11-05, 19:30
I must say this forum doesn't stop to surprise me. I didn't know much this time but got a lot of information from Juhani and other realtives.
Haven't been very active now cause I have been very busy at work. The help pastor has left so I have been alone.