View Full Version : Haircuts

June Pelo
06-08-05, 18:21
Norden newspaper reports that after July 1, 2005, hair salons in Sweden cannot charge women more for a haircut than they charge men. Equality between the sexes is a big thing in Sweden.

On another note, meteorologists in Finland report that July was the 5th warmest July in 45 years. I think many of our American states will agree that July was one of the warmest they've had in many years.


Dolores Luczak
06-08-05, 18:53
The summer has been in the 90's here in Michigan's U.P.but today it has cooled and hope that it stays this way for next week. This weekend Marquette is getting ready for Finn Grand Fest, and Chairs are being placed all over welcoming eveyone to Finn Fest.

I hope to meet a few people from the Forum.


Kaija Leena
03-09-05, 19:07
Hi June. Yes, the news about the haircuts is true. Unfortunately the same goes for taxi (women no longer pay less than men) and we still earn less than men. So there's still a lot to be done...