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07-08-05, 19:52

Thanks to your help I have finally got some information about the last of my 6 sisters and brothers who I have been looking for in Astoria. Now I am looking for information about this family and their descendants:

1. Gustafson (Johnson?) Johanna (b.11 jun 1853-Pedersöre Kållby Dalabäck), married Matt Kronqvist, Jakobstad, Finland. The couple emigrated to Astoria sometimes in 1885-1887 (a little before her sisters & brothers). They lived in Astoria for a while and the first 3 children are buried in Astoria. The family has probably moved somewhere else later, destination unknown.

2. Child 1 Kronqvist, died young
2. Child 2 Kronqvist, died young
2. Child 3 Kronqvist, died young
2. Child 4 Kronqvist
2. Marie Kronqvist, single
2. Alema Kronqvist, married
Alex Newman
3. Harriet Newman
3. Daughter 2 Newman
3. Daughter 3 Newman
3. Son 1 Newman
3. Son 2 Newman

Christian Dahlin

Karen Norwillo
07-08-05, 21:40
Christian, From Ancestry.com

1900 census-San Francisco, CA
Kronquist, Matts, head, Sep 1847, 52, married, 20yrs. Finn, US 1872, in US 28 yrs, naturalized, ships carpenter
Johanna, Jul 1853, 46, 11 children, 3 living, Finn, US 1879
Marie J, Oct 1880, 19, single, Oregon, bookkeeper
Alina, Aug 1884, 15, Oregon
Carl A, Dec 1890, 9, Oregon

1910 census-Oakland Twsp, Alameda, CA-3133 Harper St
Matts is 62, still a carpenter, Johanna is 56, Marie is 29, single, bookkeeper, wholesale furniture and Arthur C is 19 and not employed. Note his name reversed.
1920 census, Berkley, Alameda, CA, same address
Matts is 72, a widower, retired, Marie is 39, single, bookkeeper, ship firm

1930 census, same location, Johanna M Kronquist is 49, accountant, exporting co.

1930, Oakland, Alameda, CA
Kronquist, Carl A, 39, married at 29, Oregon, parents Fin., optometrist. wife Stella A. is 37, born CA, bookkeeper, paper wholesaler

CA Death Index and SSDI
Kronquist, Johanna M, 31 Oct 1880, Oregon- 31 Jul 1968 CA
SSDI has her name reversed, Marie Kronquist, same info. Mothers maiden name:Jonson

Newman, Alena Kronquist, 26 Aug 1884 Oregon-28 Sep 1946 CA

Newman, Andrew A, 31 Mar 1885 other country-18 Dec 1975 CA. Not him, see below.

Also found on CA Birth Index children of Newmans
I will send by private message as some may still be living. Mothers maiden name matches.
Hope this helps. Karen

08-08-05, 00:38
Matts & Johanna, Alena & Axel Newman are to be found at the Mountain View Cemetery (partial list)
5000 Piedmont Avenue Oakland, CA 94611


Karen Norwillo
08-08-05, 02:51
I found the Newman family in Oakland, Alameda, CA in the 1930 census
Newman, Axel A, 55,m, 32, FI, US 1886, printer, job printing
Alena K, 45, m, 22, OR
Harriet E, 21, single, CA
Ruth L, 20, single, CA,
A. John, 12, CA
Donald E, 10, CA
Esther A, 7, CA

The previous Andrew A Newman I gave was not Axel, I found him on the CA Death Index. Newman, Axel August, 3 Sep 1874-8 Oct 1954.
The birth dates I sent by private message for the children confirmed by the 1930 census.

08-08-05, 08:46
Thanks to all of you. This gave me a lot of new information again.