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09-08-05, 15:39
I am looking for my grGrandfather. His name is Johann Georg Greenrock.

As I understand from family legend, Johann Georg was raised by an aunt and uncle in Finland. He herded sheep for them. Johann was about 10 years old when wolves attacked his flock. Fearing reprisal for the slaughtered sheep, he ran away. He stowed away on a ship but was discovered. He was allowed to work on the ship and did for many years. He learned 5 languages and became a shoemaker during that time. He left the ship in Canada and made his way to America. He met his wife, Anna Liza in Kentucky and they married about 1879. They had a son, Gustav(is) in 1880. The family then moved to Texas, where several more childern were born. Johann lived in Texas untill his death. He was born 14 Jul 1853 and died 28 Dec 1903.

I am trying to verify how much of this is true but have little to go on outside of the American Census. I can trace him very easily there but cannot find any records of his arrival in America.

As you can see, I have no clue where to look or even if the last name is the same. I think it was probaly changed completely.

Any help with this would be greatly appericated. THANKS

Gita Wiklund
09-08-05, 18:54
Hi Della!

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Interesting family-legend there...
Well, I think you first of all will have to try to trace Johann Georg back as far as possible in America. Perhaps you will end up fining a note on the name of the ship in some record. Then you´ll be on good way..
About the name Greenrock, It translates to Grönsten in swedish. Perhaps this was his name in Finland. By the way, do you know if he was finnish-speaking or swedish-speaking?
Anyway, this is a very good forum with many helpful and skillful members who will do all they can to help you, I´m sure..
Do you have anything else to go on, like photos or letters?


10-08-05, 11:06
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Greenrock could translate into Grönberg, which is a fairly common name in Finland. Grönbärj is a spelling also used.

In the Hiski database which you can find at the cite of the Finnish Genealogical Society (http://www.genealogia.fi/) there is a Johannes Grönberg born June 24th and baptized July 16th 1853 in Björneborg parents underlöjtnant (second lieutenant) Ernst Gustaf Grönberg and Emilie Charlotta von Willebrand 27 yeras of age.

The data do not match perfectly, but it is close enough to look closer into.


Karen Norwillo
10-08-05, 17:33
On Emigrant Register, there is a Johan Wilhelm Grönsten on a passenger list leaving 7.4.1897 to Ulkomaat (abroad). No date of birth, from Rauma, occupation laivuri (shipmaster)