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June Pelo
12-08-05, 19:15
This appeared on another webpage and I thought it would be appropriate for this forum:

I have been to Finland with my husband, who is the Finn in the family, and met his 2nd cousin, Arne Karp in Veikars in 2001. I have a goodly amount of information on the Herman Edberg side of his family, who was his Grandfather. However, now I want to research Herman's wife, whom he married in the USA in 1900.

The name is Marie Erickson who was born in the Vaasa region 27 July 1881. I believe that it might also have been in Veikars, or that area, as she was Swedish speaking.She immigrated to the US about 1896.

Her parents were Gustav Erickson, born June 1848 and Beatia Nickelson, born Jan., 1845 They were
married in Finland in 1873. They both immigrated to the US in 1895.

Any help on Grandmother and her family will be most appreciated. Thank you!

Martha Mortenson
"Marti" <mcmort*adelphia.net>


19-07-08, 03:36
I last wrote about this family in 2005, then seeking Marie Erickson. I had not learned anything since then until I wrote to a different forum and have the following information:
Marie's parents are Gustaf or Gustav Erickson born about 1850.
Beata Michelson Scott (daughter of Michael Scott), born 1844.
Children in the family:
Johanna or Hannah Erickson born about 1875.
Erik Alfred Erickson born about 1884.
Edla Erickson (Norquist) born Oct. 19, 1877.
Maria Erickson (Norquist) born July 27, 1881.
I have been told that there is a farm named Norqvist in the Vaasa region.
Syrene Forsman has suggested that I tryThe Finlander Forum to see if I can get any help on these ancestors..
Thank you so very much!