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21-09-03, 19:11
I have my Grandfathers Naturalization papers and his obituary. I have copy of a document written in Swedish Called an AMBETSBETYG from Borgoensis Dioecesis. This document is dated Jan. 21, 1941. I am stumped as to what it is. Grandpa's name was Matts Leander Anderson born December 2,1877 in Esse(?) or Vasa Lan amd married Maria Sofia Shru in 1902. She was born in Vasa Lan September 3, 1881. It is possible she was adopted. Matts emigrated to the US, sailing on the Maurentania, June 30, 1913. Maria sailed on the Frederik VIII on September 3, 1881. This is according to their Immigration papers in Wexford County, Michigan. 7 of the 10 children were born in Finland and I have their dates of birth. My Uncle once told a cousin that we were decended from the King of Prussia. I am stumped on how to go backwards with my geneology. Especially since these dates are in the gray area in HisKi. Help please

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Dear Shirley,
Your grandfather was born in the parish of Esse, just inland from Jakobstad (Finnish: Pietersaari), which is within the province of Vasa/Vaasa. It's a Swedish-speaking community which we often visit, since my husband's cousins still live in the area. The Ämbetsbetyg is a document required of anyone leaving their parish. It was prepared and signed by the pastor of the home parish, and included for how long and whence the person was leaving. He was expected to sign in immediately (like a passport sort of) with his new parish pastor, whether it was in Germany, South Africa, or the US. So if you can get a look at the Lutheran, probably, church in Wexford County records, you might find out even more.

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Thank you for the information. How do I find out what my Grandfather's parents names were?

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If you think they might have attended a Swedish church in Wexford County, let me know and I can check the Swenson records for you. I find churches in Cadillac, Gilbert, Hobart, and Manton.
Email me at cmaki%40netexpress.net

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Thanks Chuck, Will do!
I have more information for my Finnish friend Syrene.
Grandpa had two brothers and 3 sisters.
John Anderson m. Amanda Mattison-I believe he immigrated.
Alfred Anderson m. Alina ?
Anna Anderson m. Andrew Carlson- immigrated before Grandpa did.
Maria Alina Anderson m. Matts (Arvid) Wells- immigrated
Ida Anderson married to Anders Johnson and I believe this sister stayed in Finland and I still have some relatives there!

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Hi again,
Iforgot to tell you that I think your grandmother's maiden name was Furu. The S and the F are often confusing to the transcribers at Ellis Island.
And I live in Seattle WA, where the SFHS offices are. Swedish-speaking Finn descendent like you:-)

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Dear Shirley,
Is your date of sailing for Maria incorrect?
Since they left from Borgå/Porvoo on the southern coast, it looks like they had moved to another province, probably following work. Many men worked in St. Petersburg at that time. (There was even a Lutheran church for Swedes and Finns on the city square.)
Do you have the children's places of birth? That would give you a pattern of migration across Finland.
The suggestion to check in their home church in Michigan is excellent! The first pastors to serve these immigrant churches kept records exactly as they had been taught in Finland. They will show when and where the persons in the family were born, when they arrived in US, when they became members in the church. The key of course is where the couple were married. It was probably in the bride's home parish, unless she had also moved south seeking work in a larger city. In any case, if you can find what parish they were born in, within the US church records, you're home free. Then it's simply a matter of checking microfilms at the Mormon Family History Center, or maybe HisKI will have that parish record on line (). If the best you can do is find the parish which they left from, that could be Porvoo, then go to that church book and check. You won't find them in the listing of farms, nor in the burghers, since they probably owned no land. But there is often a special book for people moving in and out of the parish, particularly in such a busy seaport as Porvoo. The Inflytningar/Utflytningar book lists names by year of coming in or going out. I would chekc anytime before their departure for the US.
Well! Still lots of work ahead of you, but it's sure interesting! By the way, I have checked the Caino-Torp work, the Lassas i Terjärv work, the Stubb work,and the Spanger and Strang work. These are all from the area around Esse. No listing for your names. Andersson is unlikely to be listed since it's a patronymic, and he was probably born under a farm name. Furu is a farm name, but originally, maybe 2 centuries previous, a soldier's name. There are a lot of Furu's but not the correct one for Maria Sofia b. 1881.
If you can tell me what the nearest Order of Runeberg lodge was to their home town, I will look it up in the 1968 records, and see what's to be found.
Good luck!

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Syrene, I got this very helpful message!
on 1/8/03 4:04 AM, Elisabeth Uschanov at eliusc%40utu.fi wrote:

Dear Shirley King,
I located in our passenger records (http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/index_e.html) one emigrant which I think may be your great grandfather. His name was Matts Jåssgårk, he left Finland on 14 June 1913 on ship Polaris and continued the voyage from England on Mauretania on 21 June. His destination was Seattle WA. I also find him landing in New York Ellis Island (http://www.ellisislandrecords.org/default.asp) on 27 June 1913. The name was now spelled Jassgark. He was from Esse (Ähtävä in Finnish) and he was going to his brother Alfred Anderson to New Castle. It was very common that the emigrant changed the difficult Finnish last name in US and took some easier name.
I also located in Ellis Island records that one Maria Jassgark with 6 children came to US on 23 May 1916 on ship Fredrik VIII.
I suggest you to contact the Esse (Ähtävä) church registry office and ask about the family. Church records are in Finland the best way to find out information about your family here. They will also give you the maiden name of Maria. The address is

Ähtärin seurakunta
Ostolantie 20

www-pages at www.evl.fi/srk/ahtari/
Elisabeth Uschanov

And I also got some information from a gentleman in Finland............

Hi Shirley, My relatives !
I took some time to day and lookt after Your people. I found a lot.
Maria Sofia was born in Pedersöre, Bennäs, Skruf 3.9.1880. Her mother
died when she was 2 yers old. Her father remarried, She was not
adopted, but she had a stepmother. She moved to Esse unmarried 1900.
and married there 22.01.1902 with Matts Leander Andersson (patronym)
Jåssgårk (= name of their farm) and they emmigrated to Amerika 1916.
Seven children are born in Esse, on farm Jåssgårk (the oldest daughter
Ingrid Maria Cerdia 27.9.1902 in Pietarsaari.
Maria Sofia is COUSIN TO MOTHER OF MY GRANDMOTHER, and we have old
relations on Skruf to a person born 1673.
I send You more later !
Have a good time and a happy new year !
Greetings from Roy
Then he wote me again!
Hi Shirley !
Thank´s for Your e-mail. Maria Sofias father
Petter (or Pehr) Simon Pettersson Skruf, born 1.6.1854 got a wealthy
farm after his father Simon Petter Andersson b. 1804 (patronym) Skruf.
Both of them were farmers and jurors -later as the oldest juror in
court became judge-of-honour. Petter Simon died 18.12.1930 (!) He had 9
children in his second marriage (just Maria Sofia survived grown up
from his first marriage). There is i picture from the court 1867 there
You can see Simon Petter (Maria Sofias grandfather) I try to get You i
picture of Petter Simon also.

Greetings from Roy
This is so great. I live in Nevada and this is better than any Jackpot I could ever hit! My Grandmother was such a mystery, now her decendents are going to be easier to find thanks to my newfound didtant cousin ROY!
Still need help with Grandfathers side though!
Thanks for everything you do Syrene! You're an angel!

13-03-04, 21:06
Esse is NOT Ähtäri in Finnish, it's Ähtävä

17-03-04, 03:51
PNW-17, Bethel Lutheran, Seattle WA.
I found this guy who likely isn't your Alfred Johanson but I will write it here anyway:)
page 3, Alfred Johanson Hoglund, b. 4-13-1881 in Oravais, Em from Fi 1899, arr WA from Marshfield OR 1907
wife Edla Johanna Hoglund, f. Borgström in Esse, emigration data same as husband.
PNW-66, Emmaus Lutheran, Seattle WA.
Nobody here but I remember you and Mullan Idaho - several Strom people from that place:)
PNW-2 Bethany Lutheran, Seattle WA.
Nothing found
PNW-1 Gethsemane Lutheran, Seattle WA.
Nothing found
E55, Saron Lutheran, Bethesda Swede-Finn Lutheran, and Birch Lake Lutheran.
Nothing found amongst the many many posibilities in the J section:)
.................................................. .
254, Zion Lutheran, Cadillac MI and other local lutheran churches.
Other than a guy from Larsmo, nothing found.
Hoxeyville is located at the southern edge of the county line. There was a Swedish lang church in Tustin so that seems out last chance for finding somebody at Swenson.

18-03-04, 01:35
End of the line Shirley - sorry :(


Kaj Granlund
19-03-04, 10:56
found this in the book about crofters in Esse:

Number 47
Överesse Davas
Anders Andersson Jossgårk lived at Davas. He was born 1843. He married Lisa Johansdotter Hummelholm. She was born 1843. They had six children. One son named Matts left for America. Matts visited his homecountry but returned. Then Anders sold his land to Anders Kjellman, who sold it to Teodor Viklund from Nådjärv. After that Nestor Nybacka bought the land from Viklund. Anders was a crofter 1874-1892. Later farmer.
On the spot where Anders lived the foundation of the cottage , the cellar and the foundation of the stove still can be seen.
The foundation messures 4,50 x 5,10 meters.

(explanations: Överesse is the central village in the parish of Esse
Davas = local name for the area he lived in
The stove was usually made of brick / stones
Nådjärv is a small lake area that is a part of Esse
The family of Nestor Nybacka still owns some of the land. And Anders Kjellamn had a store and maby the inn too on the Jossgårk farm)