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Tiina Tillqvis
16-08-05, 19:53
born 17.1.1896 Isokyrö Finland. She has moved to USA in 1914. I have not managed to find her from Ellis Islands files?! I have information that she has died 4.7.1964 in Magnolia, Ohio, USA. Now I am interested if anybody know something about her husbend, children etc.

Karen Norwillo
17-08-05, 19:53
Tiina, On Ancestry.com, I found Maria Rautio on the Boston Passenger List arriving 10 Jan 1914 on the SS Andania or Alaunia, they have one name crossed out and the other printed above it. Line 5 has Rautio, Maria, female, single, 18, servant, passage paid by uncle, destination Rockport, Mass, to uncle Matti Saa?i or Laa?i in Rockport, from Isokyro, Finland. Whomever transcribed the info for Ancestry had arrival as Oct 1, 1914, not taking into account the way it was written on the manifest as 10.1.1914, which is Jan 10 not Oct 1. The ship left Liverpool 1 Jan 1914. Karen

Tiina Tillqvis
18-08-05, 09:16
thank you, seems to be "my" Maria. The uncle was named Saari!


Karen Norwillo
20-08-05, 03:01
Tiina, Yes, I figured out the Saari when I searched the 1920 and 1930 Census and found Matti and his family in Mass. Unfortunately, Maria wasn't with them. If she married shortly after she came to the US, it's going to be hard to trace her without a married name. I tried finding her in OH on the death index, but she would have been under her married name. I did not find her on the SSDI (social security) by entering just Maria /Mary and the date of death you gave. Sorry, Karen

Tiina Tillqvis
20-08-05, 11:11
thank you for helping me - I am also interested of that Matti Saari and his family. Could you please inform me the details you find from them? Seems to be that also we, Tillqvist family, has or have "relatives" in USA... I think that I have started long search from past to this day but I try to do my best.

Thank you in advance!


Karen Norwillo
20-08-05, 21:14
Tiina, On the 1920 Census, I found Matti Saari, age 42, married, laborer in a woolen mill, living with David and Mary Larsonen in Maynard, Middlesex, Mass. I'm not sure where the rest of his family was at that time.
On the 1930 Census for Gardner, Worcester, Mass is Saari, Matti, 51, Finn, US 1908, nurseryman for private estate
Anna, wife, age 46, Finn, US 1909
?Sulue, son, age 27, Finn, single, US 1909, nurseryman
?Taito, son, age 20, Mass, tractor driver (can't make out first name)
Impi, daughter, 18, single, Mass, maid
Eino, son, 15, Mass,
Lempi, daughter, 13, Mass
Larsonen, Lillian, listed as daughter, 13, Mass, I checked the census again and they have her name spelled Laasanen, not Larsonen in the index, but it looks like it could be either.
Also on the 1930 Census for Rockport, Essex, Mass is Saari, Matti, age 30, Finn, married, no wife listed. House is on Forest St, this is the address Maria Rautio listed on her immigration. This is probably another son of Matti and Anna???
I also found Matti Saari 's WWI draft card in Gardner, Mass. Says born 1 May 1874 in Finland. Married, wife Anna in Gardner, Mass.
Hope this helps. Karen

Tiina Tillqvis
21-08-05, 17:39
Karen, thank you very much. I need to check this and try to find out is this "my" Matti Saari or not?!