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18-08-05, 16:55
About 5 or 6 years ago I put our last name into Google and that's all it took to get an interest in our family history. My family is Dutch, pretty well back to Adam and Eve, but my husband's family brings many diverse nationality flavors into the pot.
His maternal gr-grandparents, Maria Sofia Putikka/Talso and Gustaf Edward Nystrom came to Massachusetts in the beginning of the 1900's, were married in Superior, Wisconsin in 1910, and started a homestead near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada. Piecing their lives together has been a challenge and it is far from over. With every piece it gets more interesting and hence why I am on this board.
I am also hoping to get in touch with some Finnish cousins to share family stories with.

Gita Wiklund
18-08-05, 19:05
Very welcome to the forum!
I noticed Helsinki among the places you research. I do most of my research there. My roots in Helsinki goes back to the 1770´s.
I have found lots of interesting information about my anscestors in the newspapers from the 1800´s. A lot of the Finnish newspapers have been scanned by the University of Helsinki and the contents have been made searchable over the internet. The content is however in swedish or finnish, so it´s hard to use that resource if you don´t master one these languages. But if you think there could be any info of interest to you in the papers, for instance death- wedding- or birth notes, I can help you with the search if you will.


18-08-05, 22:32
I have just recently found out about the Finnish Historical newspaper site. I have searched some surnames on there but as you say it is difficult if you do not master either Finnish or Swedish. I actually find Swedish easier to translate and there are many words that are somewhat similar to Dutch, a language I do know.
I have written the info I have on our Helsinki family to the 'Relatives Search Board'. The newspaper announcement on the Nystrom/Soldan marriage was written in 4 different newspapers. Was this common?
I have scanned a number of postcards from the early 1900's that belonged to our Finnish family and one of the names on one was Nyberg (who you have in your profile). On the address side was Ida Bjorklund , Kronoly. I could send you a scanned copy to your personal email if you like. Maybe it's a relative. I have no idea who it is.
So long - Wima

18-08-05, 23:14
These names sound interesting. Several of the Finlander members are from Kronoby - and the names you mention are wery frequent there.

Could you send the scans of the postcards to my address hasse.nygard[at]e-brev.nu - would be interesting to pin down who these persons are.


June Pelo
19-08-05, 01:17
Hasse Andtbacka's father's mother's mother was Ida Björklund.

I also have an Ida Maria Davidsdotter Björklund, b. 1882, Kronoby, in my database.


19-08-05, 07:39
Since the card is addressed (given) to Ida Björklund, Kronoby with the text:

Merijärvi 23/4 1908
Minne av kusin
Vivi Nyberg

...one idea would be that the card was given to Ida Björklund when emigrating, "in remembrance of...". The motive of the postcard is a harbour and marked Joensuu (!!) which I find interesting. If I remember right what they have told me back home Vivi married a man from Kemi in northen Finland. Could this be the "Joensuu", ie. the "mouth of river Kemi" in Kemi?? Or the harbour of the city of Joensuu? Perhaps the latter is more likely?

1 Brita Maria Hans.dr. Snåre b. 22 FEB 1824 d. 18 JUN 1894
+ Matts Gustafsson Fröjdö-Nyberg b. 23 OCT 1822 d. 30 SEP 1871
2 Maja Greta Mattsdr. Fröjdö b. 31 JUL 1861
+ Johan Johansson Björklund b. 27 SEP 1862 d. 23 MAY 1903
3 Ida Maria Johans.dr. Björklund b. 14 JAN 1886
2 Gustav Wiljam* Mattsson Nyberg b. 23 OCT 1863 d. 2 APR 1925
+ Maria Sofia Johans.dr. Backända b. 16 MAR 1865 d. 22 DEC 1952
3 Vivi Sofia Viljams.dr. Nyberg - Rantapörhölä b. 14 AUG 1902 d. 2 JAN 1989

19-08-05, 21:00
There is an 18 yr. old Ida Bjorklund who arrives at Ellis Island on May 9, 1904 on her way to her friend Tekla Swanson (?) in Quincy, MA. Ida is also listed in Quincy on the 1910 census as 24 Yrs. old and having arrived in 1904.
This could possibly be the Ida Bjorklund of the postcard and also the one you have listed as being born in 1886.
Is this Ida in your family tree?