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18-08-05, 18:38
I am looking for the family of my husband's gr-grandfather, Gustaf Edward Nystrom. He left Finland at 18 yrs. old on May 5, 1909 and arrived on Ellis Island on May 20, 1909 on his way to his friend, Elsa Lindgren, on Independence Ave. in Quincy, MA. His relative was listed as his mother, Anna Nystrom of Aggelby, (Pfolsi)?, Helsingfors.
Edward was listed on the 1910 Quincy census as a boarder living on Garfield St. with Albin and Ida Kinnunen.
On June 23, 1910, in Superior, WI, Edward Nystrom marries Mary Talso, daughter of Herman and Anna Luesa Talso (of Finland). Edwards parents are listed as Gustaf Nystrom and Anna K. Soldan.
On the Finnish Historical newspaper site, I have recently found an announcement for the marriage of Gustaf Adolf Nystrom and Anna Katarina Soldan between Jul 7 & 22, 1890 in Helsinki. Gustaf Adolf was listed as from Helsinge. This could be the parents as Edward was born in abt. 1891.
This is all the info that I have on the Nystroms. I cannot find any connection on HISKI to Nystrom or Soldan. Family stories tell us that Edward had 2 brothers that also came to the US but I have not been able to confirm that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gita Wiklund
19-08-05, 11:58
Hi !
Gustaf Adolf Nystrom and Anna Katarina Soldan was married on the 20 july 1990 according to an announcement in the paper Folkwännen no 165, 21.07.1890. As you say it seems likely that they are the parents of Edward. Soldan is not a very common name, although Nyström is.

You also say his relative was listed as Anna Nyström from Aggelby (...),Helsingfors. There is a place called Åggelby in Helsinge, where you say the above mentioned Gustaf Adolf Nyström was from. So that would mean Anna Nyström from Åggelby in Helsinge resident in Helsinki.

A problem with Helsinge is that a lot of information is lost on births/christened and deaths because the churchbooks have been lost or destroyed in fires.

Births and buried up till abt. 1850 are destroyed. Births/christened from abt. 1850 and forward as well as deaths/burials and moves in and out of the parrish 1850- haven´t been entered into the HisKi database yet.
I don´t know about the communion books. Perhaps someone from Helsinge know more about what resourses you can turn to.


19-08-05, 22:33
Thanks again, Gita. We also have a postcard from who we believe to be Edward Nystrom's parents. It was from Malm and dated May 23, 1912.
I believe Malm and Aggelby were next to each other in Helsinge before they became part of Helsinki.
Do you know where I could look up the marriage record for Anna and Gustaf? I would like to find out who their parents were, if possible.