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June Pelo
18-08-05, 23:11
Does anyone know how to trace Einar Swan's marriage to Anna Kaufmann. We were told she was Jewish and he converted when they married in the early 1920s, probably in NY. Is there any organization that would provide some information about them?


Shirley King
19-08-05, 05:43
Hej June,
I had to go through this website to find a missing manifest from ellisisland.org. Maybe.....just maybe you can find something here.



19-08-05, 13:39
Hi June,
The Italian Genealogical Group has NY City Grooms Index Database online. It covers the following years
Kings County Grooms and Brides: 1895 to 1897
Manhattan Grooms: 1895 to 1897
New York City Grooms: 1908 to 1936
It can be searched by Surname only.I wasn't able to locate an Einar Swan but found this possibility
Surname Given|Month Day Year |County |Certificate # | Soundex
Swan Aaron |Aug 9 1925 |Brooklyn |11298 |S500

Kauffman is a popular name too.


June Pelo
19-08-05, 17:53
Thank you, Jeanette. I think Einar used the name Aaron sometimes. And we know he lived in NY, so this is a good clue.


June Pelo
19-08-05, 17:54
Thanks, Shirley. We'll give it a try.