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21-09-03, 19:14
Interested in Korsmans from Finalnd to MA, USA. Related names: Fredric Korsman, Johan (John ) Korsman, Anna Katava, children: Eino, and John Korsman

Re: Korsman by Gunnar Damström

One Johan Korsman, age 30, sailed from Hangö aboard s/s Titania on May 29, 1912. In his company traveled Anna; Johan Selim and Eino Armas Korsman from Björneborg (Pori). Departed from England aboard Cymric (White Star Line)June 4, 1912. Their destination was MA, USA.

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I checked in the Order of Runeberg death notices )a project under construction still) and didn't find a Korsman. It's such an unusual name. I looked in Olin's name list to his Rocky Mountain research and found
Korsman, Tyyne Maria, born Red Lodge, Montana, 1897, died in Butte 1936. From the Family History Library.

Gita Wiklund
09-02-04, 23:50

In HisKi you find a lot of Korsmans in Björneborg - Pori, births registered up to year 1900. + in different other places as well.

In the online papers at Helsinki university site I found that there was a captain named Carl Korsman in Åbo that took charge of the winter traffic between Hangö and Stockholm in abt 1878-1879. He seems to have been well respected in his field. (Åbo underrättelser nr 334 8.12.1878)

In Åbo there was also a suutarinoppilas (shoemaker apprentice) Efraim Korsman among the church banns? to marriage with neiti Eufrosyne Ahlstedt ( Sanomia Turusta nr 15 1871)


Tapani Tunkkari
21-10-05, 15:34
Hi! I´m new here and found here today the (to me) well known name Korsman. Mary Korsman was a daughter of my grand aunt Emily (Amalia) Hill who first lived at Red Lodge, Montana and then moved to Smelterville, Idaho. Maybe she is the Tyyne Maria Korsman, born in 1897, who was mentioned in a replay to your query.
Mary was married to Oiva Korsman. They apparently had a son, William N. Korsman, who was born 19 Aug. 1916 in Enaville and died 25 Feb. 19XX (I have his obituary but the last numbers were torn out).:confused:

Karen Norwillo
21-10-05, 17:29
The missing date for William is 25 Feb 1986 in Seattle, WA. William N Korsman is also listed in US Veteran Cemeteries 1800-2004. William N Korsman TEC 4 (rank) US Army Service dates 25 Jun 1942-26 Oct 1945. Date of internment 14 Mar 1986 Willamette National Cemetery Sec Col-1, row 0, site 410.
I also found the family on the 1920 census in Enaville, Shoshone, ID. Korsman, Oiva N, 27, US 1909, Finland, laborer lumbermill
Korsman, Mary T, 22, born MT, son William N, 3 4/12, born ID, boarder Keisala or Kersala, Kaarlo N, 52, US 1906, Finland, carpenter house building. William's last known address per the Army was Portland, OR. Don't know what year that was from. Karen

Karen Norwillo
21-10-05, 18:01
Sharon, Found John and family on 1920 census in Maynard Township, Middlesex, MA.
Korsman, John, 38, married, US 1904, nat. 1916, Fin, weaver woolen mill
Korsman, Annie, 38, 1904, nat 1916, Fin
Korsnam, John S, 13, born MA
Korsman Eino, 12, born MA

1930 census for Maynard, Middlesex, MA shows Korsman, John, son-in-law, 23, married at 21, MA, Fin, Fin, clerk grocerystore
wife Saimi, daughter (of head) 24, married at 22, MA, Fin, Fin, clerk store. They live in her father's home. Sahlstrom, Kalle, weaver woolen mill, wife, Sandra and daughter Alma.
1930 census Stannard, Ontonagen, MI
Korsman, Alfred, 50 (abt 1880), to US 1906, Fin, farmer. Could this be Fredric? Wife Francina, 53 (1877) US 1907, children, William, 17 (1913) MA, Ingrid, 1915, MA, Ellen, 1918, MI, Elena, 1921, MI, Hulda, 1925, MI, and Rudolph, 1928, MI. Thought this might be a match since first two children were born in Mass. Karen

22-10-05, 00:25
The 1910 census has these listings for Korsman:
The index mostly lists heads of household only. The exception being Idaho where each person is listed.:)
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State


22-10-05, 00:46
Not sure this is of any help but I located the following listings for Korsman in Oregon
Oregon Death Index 1903-1930
Name | Death Date |County Certificate#
Korsman, Mary | November 1, 1919 |Columbia 83
Korsman, Sylva M |May 27, 1923 |Columbia 45

The Oregon State Archives holds a Genealogical File.
Name |Year | Record Type |County |Source Number
Korsman, Morris |12-31-1924 |Estate |Columbia |Genealogical 0847


Tapani Tunkkari
22-10-05, 17:20
Thank you very much for your help, Jeanette. - About the Marys in ID and OR: they must be two different persons because the Mary in ID was alive in 1920 and the one in OR died in 1919. Maybe the latter could be a daughter to the Mary of ID. And Morris (perhaps) her brother. Did he die 12-31-1924?
I read the obituary once more and found that William N. Korsman had cousins in Maine and an aunt Martha Fryer of Page. I know that Mary had a sister Martha Fryer (she once visited Finland) living in Smelterville, ID. Where is Page, by the way? Maybe she moved there after being widowed.
Lucille Korsman, the wife of William N. Korsman died Feb. 1992 (in Seattle?). I don´t know her maiden name.
My grandma Maria Kuja-Kokko visited her sister Emily Hill (former Lusa) in 1957 in Smelterville. I have seen a photo where Maria, Emily and Martha are together with Toivo Mäki and his wife in Mullan, ID. I presume that the Mäkis were somehow related to Emily Hill and her daughter Martha. - Emily Hill was 107 years old when she died.