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19-08-05, 06:46
My name is Susan Martimo. I live in northern California near Sacramento. I am divorced, the mother of 3 grown sons and a librarian.

I am 100% Finn and 100% American. My father's father, Antti Martimo, came from Simo, a small village near Kemi in northwest Finland. My father's mother, Maria Rahko, came from Kestilä. My mother's mother was born in the US, but both of her parents (Nestor Wiinamäki and Hilda Pauline Rantala) came from Parkano. My mother's father, Arvid Willipo, came from Kihnio.

I started searching for my Finnish roots in 2000. After hundreds of hours on the computer, reading microfilm at the LDS Family History Center, a trip to Finland in 2000, and sending lots of emails and letters, I found family members from the Martimo side of the family that I never knew existed. My mother's family had kept touch with Finland so it was easier to find and meet them, but we never knew my father's family back in Finland.

I am active in the Finlandia Club of Sacramento Valley and enjoy learning more about my Finnish roots.

June Pelo
19-08-05, 16:37
Hi Susan,

I just sent you a private message - would you please check your messages for it.


19-08-05, 19:25
Welcome, Susan! There seems to be quite a number of us with roots in Parkano. If you need any help with your roots there, just let me know.
Merja, born in Parkano