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19-08-05, 11:12

My great grandfather's brother Kalle Wähälä (born 13.2.1889 in Ullava) moved to USA in 1913. He was 24 years old when he first took on 17.9.1913 Titania ship from Hanko to Hull in UK and then from Liverpool he took ship called Megantic to Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada. Sometime soon he crossed the border to USA.
I know that Kalle lived most of his time in USA, probably in Minnesota and also I have photo of him which was taken in Duluth. He returned to Finland in 1921, but I do not know the details of his return.

Is there any records available (census?) that could perhaps give me some more light to his whereabouts in USA during that eight years?


Ps. Funny detail is that he brought a Winchester rifle with him from USA. It caused lots of talk and wondering in the local small village of Ullava, when he took it to the moose hunting with him. Still today the old men remember that there used to be a "Winchester man" among the hunting team. At that time most of the hunting weapons were Russian made old military rifles and the Winchester loading mechanism (handle below trigger) was something completely new, only seen in Wild West pictures, and even they probably were unknown in Ullava at that time.