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19-08-05, 11:34

This summer I went with my wife to the old Larsmo cemetary, which lies around one kilometer behind the church, almost on the seashore, in the middle of forest. It is quite hard to find if you don't know it, since there are no signs and it obviously is not really taken care of. There is no fence around the cemetery. To my amazement it consists of perhaps around one hundred monuments, mostly iron crosses from between 1800-1900 which are quite well preserved. I photographed half of the monuments and to my amazement found many ancestors and one death date that has been missing and at least not found in HisKi and seems to be that the gedcom files in Talko also do not have that.

One of them being Jakob Johansson Hannula b. 23.8.1818 Larsmo d. 1.1.1898 Larsmo (from the cross). This particular date is not for some reason even in the communion books of Larsmo, I wonder why.
He is the father of Johannes Jakobsson Hannula who died in USA. I just posted a query about him in the Relative search -board.