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Teta Åberg
20-08-05, 20:37
I would like to know if there is anyone who knows anything about the HUSBANDS of

Hilda Maria Mattsdr MÅSALA (20.DEC 1891- 8.MAR 1980) and

Hildur Sofia Henriksdr PURANEN (19.OCT.1891-8.OCT.1982)

My grandparents had been married before:Hilda was my grandfather's daughter, Hildur was my farmor's daughter - both came from REIPSAR, Karleby. They went to the USA together in 1909.

In USA Hilda married Uno LILLQVIST. Uno was born about 1891 and he died in New Jersey in 1948 (That I've found in the Database of Immigrants - there are other Lillqvists too, some from Kronoby, some from Nedervetil, but for Uno there is no parish mentioned)
June Pelo found a reference to Uno Lillquist - he subscribed for Norden newspaper 1940-41 and he lived at Newfield, New Jersey.

Hilda and Uno had three children
ERIC (born?) ASTA born 22.AUG 1913 (married Chester HAGMAN) and EVA born 14.FEB 1915 (married Arthur RASMUSSEN)
Who was UNO LILLQVIST? From where did he come??? I think he came from Finland, Österbotten?

* * * * *

Hildur married Arthur FINN (about 1912?)
I don't know when or where Arthur was born, but he died 8.DEC 1956 in Niagara Falls. He came to USA 1907.

He was a carpenter. According to 1930 NYC Bronx census he paid a rent of 50$ a month for a house.
Who was this ARTHUR FINN? where did he come from? From Finland? or Norway (his daughter Barbara married a norvegian, Harry Abrahamsen)
(Hildur and Arthur had three children:Barbara, Walter och Rose)

I have thought very much about this. My relatives in NY that I've contacted have nothing to tell me about these persons !?? (and they don't seem too interested either?) But I can assure you that I really would like to find out! I would appreciate any answers in this matter.

Karen Douglas
20-08-05, 21:49
Hi Teta,

I have a good friend with the surname of "Finn," and his ancestry is Irish. He is a second generation Irish American. I will check with him and see if he can provide any other leads.


Karen Norwillo
20-08-05, 22:51
I found Uno and his family on the 1920 and 1930 census. Spellings are awful by the ennumerator.
1920 Lillquist, Ulo, age 30, Finn, Swedish, US 1906, carpenter
Hilda, wife, 28, Finn, Swedish, US 1909
Erich, 7, NY
Esta (Ester) 6, NY
Eva, 4, NY
Inez? sister, 26, Finn, Swedish, single, US 1909, domestic

1930 Bronx, NY
Lillquist, Uno, 40, Finn, married at 22, US 1907, naturalized, carpenter, rents $50
Hilda, wife, 38, married at 20, Finn, US 1910
Ernest, son, 17, NY, carpenter
Ester, daughter, 16, NY, stenographer
Eva, daughter, 15, NY

Also found a WWI Draft card that may be him. They have his first name as Elma, but looks like Uno on card, age 28, born 21 Jan 1889, naturalized citizen, from Gamlakarleby, Finland, carpenter, wife and 3 children. He is 5ft. 5in tall, blue eyes and brown hair,

SSDI shows an Ernest E Lillquist born 6 May 1912 and died 28 Feb 1997 in Stewartstown, York, PA. SS issued in NY.

Hope this helps, Karen

Teta Åberg
21-08-05, 00:16
Dear Karen & Karen!
You are amazingly alert! What a quick reply. Thanks!

Uno Lillqvist - that's him! But from what parish did he come? from Finland?
and how nice of you Karen to ask for the surname FINN!

Now I'm hoping for someone in Finland to say: "Yes, I know Uno's parents" or "Uno comes from Kronoby or Pedersöre..."
finding Arthur Finn on board a NORVEGIAN ship or an IRISH one...

Thanks a lot!

(at least two Karens and two Hasses among the enthusiastic and skilled genealogy researchers !)

June Pelo
21-08-05, 02:45

Here's where I found Uno as a subscriber to Norden. He lived in Newfield, New Jersey, 1940-41:


In my database I have an Alexander Andersson Lillqvist, b. 1862 in Nedervetil. He had a son Otto, b. 1897 who emigrated to New York. Otto's daughter Barbara, b. 1931 in Sidney, NY, was married in Vineland, New Jersey to Robert Reeves.

The draft card Karen found for Uno Lillquist stated he was b. in Gamlakarleby in 1889. If you can find someone to check the church records perhaps they can find if he went to the US.


21-08-05, 05:35
Hej Teta,
At the Italian Genealogical Group Site I found Uno's marriage.
Unfortunately the index only lists Grooms names and dates.
Lillquist Uno Dec 16 1911 Manhattan 29684 L422
Could this be the marriage for Eva to Arthur Rasmussen?
Rasmussen Arthur H Sep 21 1935 Bronx 8797 R252

I didn't find a listing for Uno Lillqvist on the listing of Scandinavians in the 1910 census but I found this possibility
Surname: LILLGRISS Given Name: LEU
Age: 21 Sex: M
Race: WHITE |Birthplace: FINLAND
County: NEW YORK |Locality: 12-WD MANHATTAN
T624-Roll: 1021 |Part: 2 | Page: 275 | Subpage: B
State: NY

I'm guessing you have obtained the death date details from the SSDI for Hilda and the children? http://ssdi.genealogy.rootsweb.com/
I noticed Hilda was living in New Hyde Park as were Eva & Chester when she died. Have you searched the Nassau County, NY sites for obituaries or cemeteries?
If you read the following answer to a lookup request
"You may want to contact the Baldwin Public Library" - Walter Greenspan 8/03/05
towards the bottom of the page is an explanation of Cities, Towns, Villages, Hamlets and Postal Zones in New York State
which concludes
"Please be aware: In many areas of New York State, the problem of non-conforming postal zones leads to a situation where the majority of places have a different community name in their mailing address than the community where that place is actually located."Perhaps posting a request may find the library you may need to contact for obituaries?
I found one Danish, 6 Finnish,8 Norwegian and 7 Swedish Heads of Household all with Finn as their surname.I didn't find an Arthur FINN on the 1910 index for Scandinavians but these interesting listings
Surname,GivenName,Age,Sex,Race,Birthplace,County,L ocality,T624-Roll,Part,Page,Subpage,State

Could this be the marriage record for Arthur Finn?
Surname Given| Month/ Day/ Year|County |Certificate # |Soundex
Finn Arthur V | Jul 26 1911 | Manhattan |19746 |F500


Karen Norwillo
21-08-05, 17:14
I found Arthur Finn and his family on the 1920 and 1930 census, as well as his WWI draft card.

1920 Manhattan, NY 231 N 148th St

Finn, Arthur head 30 US 1908, naturalized 1915 Finn Swedish speaking carpenter
Finn, Hilda wife 28 US 1910 Finn Swedish
Finn, Agnes daughter 7 NY
Finn, Walter son 6 NY
Finn, Rose daughter 5 NY

1930 Bronx NY District 633 162 East 184th St

Finn, Arthur 40 married at 22 Finn US 1907 carpenter rent $50
Finn, Hildur 38 married at 20 Finn US 1909
Finn, Agnes 17 bookkeeper
Finn, Walter 16 messenger postal telegraph
Finn, Rose 15

WWI Darft card 1917-1918 for Manhattan, NY

Arthur Finn
12 May 1889 28
Declarant meaning has applied for citizenship
Nedevetel, Finland, Russia
carpenter in Bayonne, NJ
wife and 3 children
med. height, stoudt, brown hair and eyes

Hope this helps, Karen

June Pelo
21-08-05, 17:42

According to Karen's data, Arthur was born 1889 in Nedervetil. I have the birth records for that parish up to 1874. If you can contact someone with access to Nedervetil records, perhaps they could check for Arthur's birth record. I think his family name wasn't Finn because I haven't come across that name in Nedervetil.


23-08-05, 10:49
Hej Teta,
At the Italian Genealogical Society is a database for Bronx Naturalizations for the years 1914-1952.
Surname Given | Declaration # |Date of Declaration |Address
Finn Arthur | 103003
Finn Arthur | 150983 | 3/3/1943 | 191 Audubon Ave
Finn Hildur |147271 |10/22/1941 | 2791 Grand Concourse
Finn Hildur | 103002


June Pelo
26-08-05, 22:28

I have found your Arthur Finn's ancestors - and as I suspected, his name was Lönnbäck and not Finn. In fact, he was Matts Artur Leandersson Palm-Riippa-Lönnbäck, born in Nedervetil. I'll send you his ahnentafel.


Teta Åberg
29-08-05, 21:03
Dear June!

I try to keep cool...
I can hardly believe that it is true, Arthur Finn being a Lönnbäck from Riippa in Nedervetil and using a quite different name!!!
Somehow I can think of other people changing their names - but Arthur?
I try to keep cool - but little by little I get used to the idea...
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the ahnentafel you sent me!

You made me very happy!
Love, teta

PS Perhaps Uno Lillqvist changed his name too?
It's a pity neither Arthur nor Uno used their paternal names as most of the immigrants did... Now we don't even know their fathers names

Teta Åberg
29-08-05, 21:16
Dear Jeanette! Dear Karen!

I haven't been home for a week and now when I get back again I switch on my computer and find out that meanwhile you have been working on "my Arthur Finn-case"! Astonishing! You are wonderful!
Thank You! Now I'm going to check the pages you have found for me!

I'm very happy about my genealogy friends on Finlander!
Love, teta

Karen Norwillo
30-08-05, 03:11
Teta, You're quite welcome. I just try to repay all the wonderful people here on Finlander who have been so generous with their time and information. Karen

June Pelo
30-08-05, 18:02

I'm asking around Finland for Lillqvist. I have seen the name spelled various ways: Liljeqvist (Larsmo), Lilliquist; Lilyeqvist (Nedervetil), etc.

We had a family friend named Uno Palm, he called himself John.


Teta Åberg
18-09-05, 10:39
Now I think I have got the Arthur Finn-mystery solved!
(Uno Lillqvists ancestors still are unknown to me - I'll keep looking for them)
Thank you VERY MUCH, all helpful people!

I know I can check hiski and I can check pedigrees in Finlander (they certainly are a treasure) - but sometimes one just gets stuck.
I was so confused some days ago.
I had got it all mixed up : People marrying twice or even three times, children with exactly the same names in the village.
I thought there were mistakes, I deleted wrong dates, I entered new instead... and suddenly I had to start all over again. My special thanks to June!
But I think this (distant) branch of the family is OK now! And I'm very happy about it. It's a great pleasure when you suddenly see that it makes sense: you can see the connections, the relations! :)

19-09-05, 16:12
I checked the World War one draft card records for New York.
The first name on this is not right and may be your Uno
The have him as Elma of all things, Lillquist born on
Feb. 21, 1889 in Gamlarkaby? Finland . He states that he is naturalized citizen and has a wife and three children. This is for the years 1917-1918 . He was a carpenter and lived in New York.

June Pelo
20-09-05, 18:31

I may have found Uno Lillqvist. In the Nedervetil kyrkobok:

Alexander Andersson Lillqvist-Ring, b. 5 Nov 1862 at Riippa, married 1895 Brita Lena Johansdotter Kaino, b. 15 Jan 1864 at Kaino. They had 6 children, 3 of whom emigrated to America. The family moved to Tast 1906.

Ernst Hugo Alexandersson, b. 21 Feb 1889 at Kaino. To America 1906.

Could he be Uno?

Ernst has a sister Ines, b. 1893, to America and married to Alexander Hildasson Zittra-Forss, b. 1893, Terjärv. They had 2 children: Vincent and Hendrik Forss. Hilda died 1973 in Bronx, NY.

Ernst had a brother Otto Väinö, b. 1897, to America and married Florence Van Tassel in Binghamton, NY. They had 3 children: Kenneth, Jean and Barbara. Barbara married Robert Reeves and they had a son Robert, married to Karen Morley.

Ernst had a brother Hugo, b. 1886, who emigrated to America 1905.

Ernst had a sister Signe Helena, b. 1887 who emigrated to America 1905.


Teta Åberg
01-10-05, 09:51
Thank you, Alicia, thank you June!

It seems rather odd to me that both my aunts would have married men that call themselves something quite different in the USA... Arthur Gunnars from Loulubacka = FINN (used an other family name) and Ernst Alexandersson from Kaino would have used UNO Lillqvist (an other given name)!
But you never know!
it's not unusual at all wanting to change one's name...
Very interesting idea!
I have to check it out! - But HOW?

June Pelo
01-10-05, 18:36

Ernst Hugo Alexandersson wasn't Uno Lillqvist. I found out from Jan-Erik who Uno was:

Uno Andersson Lillkvist, born to Anders Gustaf Henriksson Lillkvist and Lena Sofia Mattsdotter Emtö. I will send you data on Uno's father's line, but I don't have anything about his mother's Emtö family.


Teta Åberg
01-10-05, 23:17
I'm so happy to stay in touch with people who have connections!Things that have bothered me for years now little by little seem to become clear!

June Pelo
01-10-05, 23:35

An ahnentafel is on the way...



Teta Åberg
02-10-05, 10:41
I'm very thankful for all help in this case about the unknown men my aunts married in the USA!
Thank you everybody!

Now I can tell my sister and brother something new : Great!